How to Contact Garena Help Player Support After Account Blocked

How to contact Garena Help Player Support can be done by directly logging in to Garena Support and submitting your interest.
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Garena Help Player Support. Source : iNews.ID

Ifaccount Free Fire you are blocked for some reason, you can contact Garena Player Support directly.

Improved game users Free Fire in Indonesia which is very large also causes the emergence of hacks and cheats in the game. 

Therefore, the developers took decisive action and banned (banned) hundreds of thousands of users. Their anti-piracy system effectively detects and bans hacks in Free Fire and its MAX version.

Players, especially beginners, shouldn't be wrong in using this method so they don't get blocked from the party Garena Player Support

However, if you feel that you have been wrongly banned and don't feel you have done anything wrong, you can use Garena Player Support to contact the developer.

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What is Garena Help Player Support?

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What is Garena Help Player Support Source: Hybrid

Garena Help Player Support is a special site provided by Garena as an information center and place for complaints from game players.

This site is not only an information center for the Free Fire game, but also several other Garena games such as Call of Duty Mobile, Arena of Valor, Speed Drifters, Undawn, and Black Clover.

Apart from that, this site also functions as a medium for players to get help from Garena staff to get solutions about their favorite games, both from technical problems, payments, to problems. top up games.

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How to Contact Garena Help Player Support 

Garena Help Player Support 
How to Contact Garena Help Player Support. Source: ANTARA News

Using Garena Player Support can help you solve in-game problems from Garena developers. 

This service allows Garena players to solve technical and non-technical problems. If you have problems with your Free Fire (FF) account, don't worry. 

Free Fire Garena has provided you with a support link to request direct assistance from the Garena FF support team.

If you do experience being permanently suspended from the game for no reason, you should follow these steps to contact the game developer: 

  • Visit the official site first Garena Player Support.
  • After that login using a Garena, Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter or VK account
  • Choose Free Fire to go to the next page. Then Page Top Issues and FAQs about Free Fire will be there.
  • Then, select the 'Ticket' option in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Fill in ID and your nickname for account identification.
  • Write your complaint (minimum 1500 words) regarding the problem your FF account is facing concisely and clearly.
  • When finished, the ticket containing your account complaint will be handled by Garena along with an update on the status of your request for help.

Reasons can include complex definitions related to your game. So, you can submit a request after explaining the problem you are facing.

The request will be forwarded to the development team and will be continuously reviewed. They will update the status, which can be seen under “My Requests” in your Free Fire account profile.

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Causes of FF Accounts being Blocked by Garena

Garena Help Player Support
Free Fire. Source:

There are many reasons and causes why your FF account can be blocked by Garena. One of the causes of your FF account getting banned is playing squad and your behavior is toxic and often bomb own friend.

Because when you do that, later you will limit yourself as a punishment. Usually the ban is only lasted one or three days. If it happens again, of course 1 month.

Besides that, it could also be because you utter toxic words in the game. As well as, muse unauthorized or modified game developers (APK Free Fire).

Using unauthorized applications when calling Free Fire as well as modifying files to benefit will be very dangerous.

Cheats are things that harm other players and damage the game's security system, even though these cheats can be used as third-party tools or scripts.

If you see a cheater, report it immediately. Because it's dangerous if you don't do anything.

Even though the reason for banning a Free Fire (FF) account is not permanent, cheaters can get banned within a month.

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