Mobile Legends Tournament Schedule 2023 from Moonton

Mobile Legends Tournament Schedule 2023

Tournament schedule Mobile Legends official from Moonton 2023 has been compiled. This schedule will make it easier for you to know when a tournament will be held.

With this schedule, you can easily find out what the tournaments are Mobile Legends this month until the end of 2023.

There are a number of Mobile Legends tournaments that have been, are being and will be officially held by Moonton from January to December 2023.

You can watch the tournament. Because, by knowing the schedule for each official Mobile Legends tournament you can watch the existing matches.

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Official Mobile Legends Tournament Schedule 2023

There are several official Mobile Legends tournaments held by Moonton. The tournaments held were for national and international levels.

There will be many teams competing in the tournament. In addition, there will also be thousands of matches in these tournaments.

Here's the Mobile Legends tournament schedule for this month in 2023:

January 2023: M4 World Championship

M4 ECHO KarlTzy
ECHO PH won the M4 World Championship

As is well known, that earlier this year Moonton held M4 World Championships Mobile Legends.

M4 Mobile Legends will be held in Jakarta from 1-15 January 2023.

There are 16 teams competing in the Mobile Legends world championship.

Two of the 16 teams are from Indonesia. That is, RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports.

In that tournament, RRQ Hoshi had to settle for being in 3rd place, while ONIC Esports was in 4th place.

The 1st place and runner up in the tournament were bought by a team from the Philippines. They are ECHO PH as the Champion of the M4 World Championship and who occupies the runner up position is Blacklist International.

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February MWI 2023

MWI 2023
MWI 2023

Moonton has scheduled the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women's Invitational (MWI) tournament for 2023.

This Southeast Asian Mobile Legends Tournament brings together all Mobile Legends players to compete and become winners.

There is one team from Indonesia that will compete, namely Bigetron Era.

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February to May 2023: MPL Season 11

Mobile Legends Tournament Schedule 2023 MPL 11 ID MALAY PH
MPL Season 11 schedule

Furthermore, in February 2023 the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) will also be held in a number of regions.

Apart from that, non-MPL regional tournaments will also be held in the same time period. Among them are MLSL Season 2 in Latin America and NACT Spring in North America.

List of Countries Holding MPL:

  • MPL Singapore Season 5 (MPL SG S5)
  • MPL Indonesia Season 11 (MPL ID S11)
  • MPL Malaysia Season 11 (MPL MY S11)
  • MPL PH Season 11 (MPL PH S11)
  • MPL Cambodia Spring 2023 (MPL KH Spring 2023)
  • MPL Brazil Season 4 (MPL BR S4)
  • MPL MENA Spring 2023
  • NACT Spring 2023
  • MLBB Latam Super League Season 2 (MLSL S2)

For Indonesia, there have been a number of changes ahead of MPL ID Season 11. Where, a team has already announced the roster arrangement, such as RRQ Hoshi.

Besides that, for MPL PH Season 11, the Mobile Legends Team won M3 World Championships Blacklist International ensures that there will be a roster that does not participate in the tournament.

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MLBB Tournament May 2023

Mobile Legends Sea Games Tournament Schedule 2023
Sea Games 2023

In May 2023 there will also be another prestigious Mobile Legends tournament. Because this game will be competed in the Esports SEA Games 2023 this month.

Later, representative Mobile Legends teams from various countries will compete in the tournament which will be held in Cambodia.

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June 2023 Mobile Legends Tournament

MSC 2023 Mobile Legends Tournament Schedule
MSC 2023

Furthermore, there will also be a Mobile Legends tournament in June 2023. In that month, there will be a Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) tournament.

MSC 2023 will also be held in Cambodia and bring together teams from across Southeast Asia.

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July 2023 Tournament

Mobile Legends Tournament Schedule 2023 this month July
Snapdragon and WCG

There are two Mobile Legends tournaments that will be held this month, July 2023.

Each is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Challenge from ESL and Snapdragon Pro Series Mobile Legends.

Not only that, later there will also be the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2023. Where, Mobile Legends will also be a game that is contested in this international level tournament.

August – October Tournament

Mobile Legends Tournament Schedule 2023 this month July 2023
mpl 12

MPL 12 in several countries will be held from August to October 2023. Among them are MPL Indonesia, MPL Malaysia and MPL, Philippines.

In addition, other countries will also hold MPL again. Here's the list:

  • MPL Malaysia Season 12 (MPL MY S12)
  • MPL Indonesia Season 12 (MPL ID S12)
  • MPL Philippines Season 12 (MPL PH S12)
  • MPL Singapore Season 6 (MPL SG S6)
  • MPL Cambodia Fall 2023 (MPL KH Fall 2023)
  • MPL Brazil Season 5 (MPL BR S5)
  • MPL MENA Fall 2023
  • NACT Fall 2023
  • MLBB Latam Super League Season 3 (MLSL S3)
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November 2023 Mobile Legends Tournament

MPLI 2023 Mobile Legends Tournament Schedule
MPLI 2023

In November 2023 there will be a Mobile Legends tournament, which will be held by ONE Esports x Moonton.

The Mobile Legends tournament that was held that month was the MPL Invitational or MPLI.

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M5 Mobile Legends Held in December 2023

M5 World Championship Tournament Schedule
M5 World Championships

At the end of the year, the M5 World Championship Mobile Legends will be held. The biggest Mobile Legends tournament will be held in the Philippines.

There will be a number of teams competing in the tournament to win the M5 Mobile Legends trophy.

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This is the official ML tournament schedule from Moonton in 2023 that Moonton shared.

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