List of Teams and Schedule for MPL Indonesia Season 11

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The MPL Indonesia Season 11 schedule has become a frequently asked question by esports fans MLBB. The reason is, they can't wait for the actions of the pro players from their favorite teams to compete for trophies.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the list of participating teams along with the MPL Indonesia S11 schedule. Curious when MPL S11 starts? Come on, see the discussion below!

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MPL Indonesia Season 11 Team List

Roster Lock MPL ID S11
Roster Lock MPL ID S11

Just like the previous MPL, this season 11 has eight teams that will compete and fight for the title. The following are eight Indonesian teams that will participate in the MPL Indonesia Season 11 tournament:

  • Alter egos
  • AURA Fire
  • Bigetron Alpha
  • EVOS Legends
  • Geek FamID
  • ONIC Esports
  • Rebellion Zion
  • RRQ Hoshi

There is no certainty regarding the complete roster and players who will compete for the eight teams.

However, it has been confirmed that all teams have determined players or roster locks according to the official MPL Indonesia Twitter.

Through a tweet from MPL Indonesia, all teams participating in this year's MPL and MDL have determined their respective rosters.

When there is an announcement regarding the roster for each team, VCGamers will provide information regarding this matter.

After knowing the eight teams that will participate in MPL Indonesia this year, let's discuss the following schedule for MPL ID S11!

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MPL ID Season 11 schedule

Indonesian MPL Cup
Indonesian MPL Cup

MPL Indonesia Season 11 is confirmed to start in February 2023. The announcement was leaked during the event M4 World Championships.

Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang provides an overview of the mobile game tournament schedule for 2023.

Through this leak, they explained that MPL around the world will be held from February to May 2023, including MPL in Indonesia.

However, it is possible that the schedule could be postponed for one or two reasons. If you look at last year's MPL, it is very likely that this year's MPL will also be present in February.

Unfortunately, there is no official date for when MPL Indonesia S11 will start. MPL is the Mobile Legends tournament that MLBB fans have been waiting for.

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Surprise in MPL S11

ONIC Esports
ONIC Esports MPL ID S10 Winner

MPL Indonesia S11 is sure to provide various kinds of surprises like last year's MPL which also gave unexpected surprises to MLBB esports fans.

According to the Public Relations Manager of Moonton Indonesia Azwin Nugraha via Yodu, there will be some things that might surprise the fans, about three to five surprises that will be.

Estimates of these surprises could be in the form of player transfers which have quite an impact on adding team slots.

Moreover, MPL ID S11 is rumored to be held at a new location with a bigger capacity so that it can accommodate more MLBB esports fans.

Therefore, Vicigers who are looking forward to MPL Season 11 must be patient until February 2023 because at this time there has been no official announcement regarding the complete schedule such as date and location.

Thus the discussion regarding the team list and schedule for the MPL Indonesia S11, I hope this is useful!

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