Mr. AP Opens Voice About Coach Acil Leaving RRQ Hoshi

RRQ Hoshi's Co-Founder & CEO, Andrian Pauline, also known as Mr. AP, opened his voice about Coach Acil's departure from the team
Mr. AP opens his voice over the question of Acil leaving RRQ

RRQ's Co Founder and CEO, Pak AP, opened his voice about RRQ's farewell from the RRQ Hoshi Esports Team.

The owner of the real name Andrian Pauline gave his response regarding Acil who had left the coaching chair from the team that finished third in the M4 World Championship.

The moment Mr. AP commented on this he conveyed while doing live on his social media channel.

Apart from that, he also commented on posts about Farewell Coach Acil.

What did Mr. AP say about Farewell Acil from RRQ Hoshi?

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Mr AP Opens Voice About Farewell Coach Acil

Mr AP on GPX YouTube Channel
Screenshot of Mr. AP talking on the GPX YouTube channel. Source: GPX

AP said that Acil had made many contributions to RRQ Hoshi's journey so far.

"So in RRQ, his contribution is not small from the Dota players, because R7 and Acil are from the same batch," he said in a video that was re-shared on the YouTube channel. Mikimos.

He also invited all RRQ Hoshi fans to give their full support to his team.

"For example, when we meet at MPL, we have to fight as much as possible," he said.

According to him, the departure of Coach Acil from the team will certainly be a challenge for RRQ Hoshi.

Because, he said, the two people were not on the RRQ Hoshi team.

"And both of them are gone this year. This will be a challenge for RRQ to see if it can get better," he said.

Regarding which team Acil will move to, AP admits that he does not know this yet. "Still don't know," he said.

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Acil Officially Leaves RRQ Hoshi

Coach RRQ Acil, CEO of RRQ Pak AP
Coach RRQ Acil

Coach Acil has officially left RRQ Hoshi. The decision was announced shortly after the M4 World Championship Mobile Legends tournament in Jakarta finished.

Information on the Acil out of the team was announced directly by RRQ Hoshi through their various social media channels.

In the video on RRQ Hoshi's YouTube channel, Acil expressed his gratitude to the entire roster and also the RRQ Team. Because all this time he has trusted him to become the coach of RRQ Hoshi.

He admits that he continues to try to give the best for the team in every tournament that has been passed.

The video clip of Acil out from RRQ Hoshi was also shared on RRQ Hoshi's Instagram account. There are various comments that point to Acil. At that moment, the AP also commented. 

He hopes that all netizens will also pray for Acil's new adventure

“Finally the comments are warm. Thanks guys, let's pray for Acil to go smoothly for his new adventure. And don't forget to pray for RRQ so that it can be even better. Amen," wrote his blue tick account.
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