Acil Out of RRQ Hoshi, Turns Out Because of This!

Acil Out from RRQ Hoshi

Adi Syofian Asyauri, also known as RRQ Acil, officially left RRQ Hoshi. This was announced directly by RRQ Hoshi through his social media channel.

It is known that for some time the hashtag Acil Out has continued to appear.

The climax was when RRQ Hoshi had to settle for third place at the M4 World Championship Mobile Legends in Jakarta some time ago.

So, was that the reason Acil left RRQ Hoshi? Read more!

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Acil Out from RRQ Hoshi

Coach RRQ Acil
Coach RRQ Acil


Information about Acil out of RRQ Hoshi was shared on Monday, January 23, 2023 evening.

Team RRQ Hoshi also expressed his gratitude to Acil who has escorted the team in various tournaments that have been held in Indonesia.

"Today we part ways with the figure of a coach who has struggled with RRQ Hoshi for a long time, Acil. Thank you Acil, for escorting the trip RRQ Hoshi in various tournaments both nationally and internationally," wrote RRQ Hoshi's social media account.

Acil said that he and his team had struggled to win first place in various National and International Mobile Legends tournaments.

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He said, the toughest time when he joined RRQ Hoshi was the skewed judgments from a number of people about a team that had not won many tournaments.

"That person sometimes judges him only from the outside. It's like they don't understand and don't understand what's going on inside us RRQ, how hard it is for us to fight, how hard it is for us to fight our respective egos, how hard it is for us to tell the world that we really want to win, said Achilles.

Coach RRQ Acil with Petra
Coach RRQ Acil with Petra

In fact, said Acil, RRQ Hoshi had tried his best to become a champion in Mobile Legends tournaments.

"But in my opinion, it's like people are just judging us, we've never won and we're just like that. Even though I feel, it's not just for me but for the children, for all of us, we have fought as much as possible and wanted to win, but it's not optimal yet we haven't been able to get a Champion," he said.

Even so, Acil, who had to leave the coaching chair after RRQ Hoshi, had to be satisfied with 3rd place in the M4 World Championship, still to be grateful to the team who had fought as hard as they could. He also admitted that he had given the best for the RRQ Hoshi team.

"It's just that, in my opinion, I still say thank you to the children, to myself too for keeping fighting. Because after all the story, I still feel that I have given the best in my language," he said.

Acil also revealed his reasons for no longer being coach of RRQ Hoshi. That is, because his contract on the team has expired.

"So it's like I'm still proud and I want to say thank you also to the children who have entrusted me, first also to RRQ who have trusted me until now, until my contract runs out, finally I can go all out," said Acil .

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