Blacklist International vs ECHO Grand Final Match Results M4

Blacklist International vs ECHO

The Grand Final of the M4 World Championship between the two Filipino teams namely Blacklist International vs ECHO has ended and the result of the match was quite surprising.

The team that manages to win the match becomes the champion of M4, the tournament Mobile Legends the most prestigious international class.

Blacklist International and ECHO had previously met at Upper Bracket Final. Thus, the rematch that occurred certainly opened up an opportunity for ECHO to give revenge.

Likewise with Blacklist International who want to show that they are the best team.

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Black International vs ECHO Match Results

M4 Grand Final Venue
Grand Final Venues and

Both teams are definitely trying their best to win the M4 cup. In this Grand Final, they will take the best of 7 or bo7 series.

The roster of Blacklist International is Edward, Wise, Hadji, Oheb, and others OhMyV33Nus. They faced a roster from ECHO namely Sanford, KarlTzy, Sanji, Bennyqt, and Yawi.

The following is a summary of the M4 Grand Finals and the results of the match between Blacklist International and ECHO.

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Game One Grand Final Blacklist vs ECHO

First Game of Blacklist International vs ECHO
ECHO Wins in Game One

ECHO managed to get points from the first game thanks to very high pressure against Blacklist International.

They managed to end the match in under 15 minutes, with an elimination score of 13 – 4. Looking at the elimination points, you could say they won a landslide victory.

The MVP of the first game is Sanji with the hero Yve. He earned Kill Participation up to 77% and was very influential in ECHO's victory in the first game.

Blacklist International ECHO
Player Heroes Player Heroes
Hadji Pharsa Sanji Yve
Edward Benedetta Sanford Lapu Lapu
Oheb Harith Bennyqt Lunox
Wise Barats KarlTzy Akai
OhMyV33Nus Mathilda Yawi Lolita
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Second Game of Blacklist International vs ECHO

Last Push by ECHO Bennyqt
Final Push by Bennyqt as Second Game Win

Blacklist International failed to avenge the defeat of the first game. At the start of the second game, ECHO had shown better performance so that Blacklist was overwhelmed.

ECHO managed to close the second game in a relatively short time, in just 14 minutes.

With a very high difference in elimination points, namely 20 – 8, ECHO managed to get two points in this bo7 Grand Final.

The MVP of the second game was Bennyqt because he was able to win the lane phase, do a split push, and finish off the Blacklist base to win the second game.

Blacklist International ECHO
Player Heroes Player Heroes
Hadji Valentina Sanji Pharsa
Edward joy Sanford Gloo
Oheb Beatrix Bennyqt Brody
Wise Fredrinn KarlTzy Barats
OhMyV33Nus Lolita Yawi Franco
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Game Three of Blacklist International vs ECHO

Game Three of Blacklist International vs ECHO
ECHO Wins in Game Three

ECHO put in a great performance in the third game. They get the third point in the bo7 series so the next game is match point.

Like the previous game, this third game also ended in a very short time of 14 minutes.

However, the MVP this time was won by Sanford with the Lapu Lapu hero. The blacklist must win three games in a row to balance out the provisional points.

Blacklist International ECHO
Player Heroes Player Heroes
Hadji Pharsa Sanji Gusion
Edward Yu Zhong Sanford Lapu Lapu
Oheb Karrie Bennyqt Brody
Wise Baxia KarlTzy Fredrinn
OhMyV33Nus Lolita Yawi Kaja

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Game Four of Blacklist International vs ECHO

ECHO Champion M4
ECHO Wins to Become M4 Champion

The fourth game is a very crucial game for the two Filipino teams in this Grand Final. If ECHO wins, then they will become M4 champions.

The gold advantage at 8 minutes was achieved by ECHO up to 3 thousand gold. Thus, they continue to suppress Blacklist players, get objectives, and do split pushes.

In the 17th minute, ECHO succeeded in picking off all Blacklist International teams and won the M4 title with a score of 4-0 from the bo7 series. The final MVP was Bennyqt as ECHO's Gold Laner.

Blacklist International ECHO
Player Heroes Player Heroes
Hadji Yve Sanji Xavier
Edward Benedetta Sanford Gloo
Oheb Beatrix Bennyqt Lunox
Wise Barats KarlTzy Fredrinn
OhMyV33Nus Diggie Yawi Hilda

Nice try for Blacklist International and congratulations to ECHO for winning the M4 World Championship!

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