List of Rankings and Prizes for the Entire M4 Mobile Legends Team

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All teams participating in the M4 World Championship will receive prizes based on their ranking in the biggest Mobile Legends tournament in the world.

The number of prizes given is based on the team's ranking in the game. Thus, the team with the top rank will get the biggest prize.

Conversely, the team with the lowest rank will get a smaller prize than the other teams in the game.

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List of M4 Mobile Legends Team Rankings and Prizes

M4 World Championships
M4 World Championships

The M4 World Championship Mobile Legends tournament has finished. The team from the Philippines, ECHO, won and came out as champions.

ECHO won after overthrowing Blacklist International, a team from one country that was also the previous M World Series Champion, M3 Mobile Legends.

ECHO managed to wrap up an absolute victory with a score of 4-0. They won a landslide victory in the final round with the Best of 7 (Bo7) format.

With this victory, the two teams from the Philippines won 1st and 2nd place. ECHO won 1st place and Blacklist International won 2nd place.

Then the team from Indonesia, RRQ Hoshi, won 3 M4 World Championship Mobile Legends.

RRQ's step into the grand final was thwarted by ECHO in the match in the lower bracket final.

Meanwhile, the champion 4 M4 is ONIC Esports. The team from Indonesia was defeated by RRQ Hoshi when they met in the knockout round in the lower bracket.

The teams occupying positions 5 and 6 are Falcon from Mianmar and The Valley from the United States. Each team is said to get the same prize.

When does m4 World Championship Start 2, M4 Mobile Legends Rewards
Prize Pool M4

Furthermore, the teams in 7th and 9th place are Incendio Supremacy from Turkey and RRQ Akira from Brazil. As before, the two teams also received the same amount of prizes.

Under the two teams, there is S11 Gaming Argetina from Argentina, Team HAQ and Swordfish from Malaysia and Occupy Thrones from Mena.

Then the last one is RSG from Singapore, MDH Esports from Vietnam, Burn x Team Flash from Cambodia and Malvinas Gaming from Peru.

Prizes for teams participating in the M4 World Championship vary from $10,000 to $300,000. The following details are reported from a long time ago liquipedia:

Champion Team Country Present
1 ECHO Philippines $300.000
2 Blacklist International Philippines $120.000
3 RRQ Hoshi Indonesia $80.000
4 ONIC Esports Indonesia $55.000
Falcons Mianmar
The Valley United States of America
Incendio Supremacy Turkey
RRQ Akira Brazil
S11 Gaming Argentina Argentina
Team HAQ Malaysia
Swordfish Malaysia
Occupy Thrones Mena
RSG Singapore Singapore
MDH Esports Vietnamese
Burn x Team Flash Cambodia
Malvinas Gaming peruvian
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ECHO Makes Blacklist Not Move

M4 Prize

ECHO won by a landslide from Blacklist International in the round M4 Grand Finals World Championships.

They closed the match with a score of 4-0. This made the Blacklist unable to move and had to acknowledge the greatness of this team from the same country.

This is not the first time these two teams have played. This means that ECHO and Blacklist have fought many times.

In fact, they also had a chance to compete in the knockout round at upper bracket finals M4 World Championships. As a result, ECHO lost to the Blacklist and crashed into the lower blacklist.

However, the defeat did not discourage them. ECHO also managed to prove its ability in the grand final and won the M4.

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