The ECHO Champion Wants Chou to Become the M4 Champion Skin

chou skin m4 champion

Champion of the M4 World Championship Mobile Legends, ECHO chose the Chou hero to become the M4 Champion's exclusive skin.

Every winner of the M World Series tournament is known to get an exclusive skin. This has been going on since M1, M2 to M3 World Championship Mobile Legends for the last few years.

This Champion Skin is chosen by the winners in the biggest tournament in the world. Well, for M4 World Championships which hero will be chosen to receive this skin?

That decision rests with the winner of the tournament viz ECHO Esports.

The team from the Philippines is known to have won a landslide victory in the Grand Final match of the M4 World Championship.

ECHO won with a score of 4-0 in the match in the grand final round.

So, which M4 Champion skin will ECHO choose? Let's see the review!

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Chou Skin M4 Champion Mobile Legends

M4 ECHO KarlTzy, Skin M4 Chou,
ECHO KarlTzy on Winning M4

Each winner in the M World Series gets an exclusive skin to own.

The winner of the M1 World Championship is EVOS Legends from Indonesia. The M1 Champion skin in Indonesia is Harith.

Furthermore, on M2 the winner is Shadow Omen. The hero who becomes the skin champion is Clint.

Then the M3 champion skin is for the Estes hero. This skin was the wish of Blacklist International, which at that time won the title.

In this M4 World Championship Mobile Legends, the winner is ECHO.

ECHO won a landslide victory with a score of 4-0 when they competed with Blacklist International in the grand final. This has also been conveyed directly by the ECHO roster, Yawi.

Yawi said that the chosen hero for the M4 skin hero was Chou.

"Chou is a signature hero and everyone can use it," he said in a video showing on his YouTube account Moba Bacotan.

This information was also shared by the Dafrixkun account via its Instagram account feed.

“CHOU will be ECHO's choice for their M4 Championship skin!” write dafrixkun account.

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Chou Cancels Exclusive Skin on M2

M4 Champion Chou's skin

Chou was once chosen to be the skin champion by the champion of the M2 World Championship, Bres Esports from the Philippines.

However, the hero with the fighter role is not selected. This is based on the results of the voting at that time.

Where, the voting results prefer the Lancelot hero who will get the M2 champion skin.

However, we do not need to speculate whether this will happen again or not.

To be sure, Moonton always releases cool heroes so that the heroes who will get the skin will definitely look more attractive.

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M4 Champion Chou Skin Release Schedule

ECHO Champion M4, Skin M4 Champion,
ECHO Wins to Become M4 Champion

Until now, there is no known schedule for the M4 Champion skin from ECHO to be released.

Of course, we need to wait for the M4 Champion skin schedule to be released.

So, we can find out how the appearance of the hero that will be chosen to get the skin.

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