Biodata of ECHO Sanford, The Youngest Pro Player to Win M4

ECHO Sanford

ECHO managed to be M4 champion after defeating Blacklist International with a score of 4-0. One of the ECHO players namely Sanford is the youngest player to win an M-Series tournament.

This time, VCGamers will discuss Sanford's complete bio as an EXP Laner for the ECHO team. Come on, see the discussion below!

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ECHO Sanford bio

ECHO Sanford bio
Sanford as Youngest Player in ECHO

Sanford is one of the youngest players to win an M-Series tournament Mobile Legends.

With a fairly young age, fans of Mobile Legends esports are certainly curious about this young pro player's bio. The following is his bio:

  • Full name: Sanford Marin Vinuya
  • Philippines
  • Date of birth: June 24, 2006
  • Team: ECHO
  • Role: EXP Laner
  • Facebook: ECHO Sanford
  • Instagram: echo_sanfordd
  • TikTok: @echo_sanford

The pro player whose full name is Sanford Marin Vinuya is the youngest member of ECHO to win M4.

With ECHO, he won the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang championship trophy for the first time at the international level.

Even though he is still quite young, he has proven that young players also have extraordinary abilities.

They managed to beat Blacklist International with a score of 4-0 in the best of 7 series in the Grand Final phase, the highlight of the M4 World Championship tournament.

Sanford owns social media Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Through his TikTok account, he has more than 20 thousand followers.

In addition, he also has an Instagram account which has reached 19 thousand followers. However, his Facebook account is used more often and has 791 thousand followers.

He uploads various kinds of content, but mainly his journey as a Mobile Legends pro player. Let's take a look at his career journey below!

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Sanford Career Journey

ECHO Sanford career
Sanford with his Team on the M4. Source: ONE Esports

Sanford started his career as a Mobile Legends pro player for the Nextplay EVOS team. With the team, he got various achievements.

He joined Nextplay EVOS in 2021. After that, he became inactive in 2022.

In the same year, he joined ECHO and went on to win the M4 World Championship. The following is a table of career paths and achievements.

Year Position Tournament Team
2021 Fourth Champion MPL Philippines Season 8 Nextplay EVOS
2021 13th-20th ONE Esports MPL Invitational 2021
2022 Runner up MPL Philippines Season 10 ECHO
2023 The first champion M4 World Championships

Together with Nextplay EVOS, he won fourth place in MPL Philippines in Season 8. Even though he hasn't won yet, this achievement should be appreciated considering he is still very young.

After joining ECHO, he was able to lead the team to become second place or runner up in the Philippines MPL in Season 10.

Becoming second in MPL Philippines means that they get a slot to play in the M4 World Championship.

Subsequently he proved his skills as a pro player for the ECHO team and became the world champion and won the M4 trophy.

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Youngest M4 Champion

ECHO Sanford on M4
ECHO Sanford on M4. Source: ONE Esports

As the EXP Laner for ECHO, this youngest player was able to deliver extraordinary performances.

When playing on M4, he has a perfect win rate of 100% with heroes Lapu Lapu. Played five times with the hero, he never lost and other teams struggled to deal with him.

For example, Sanford and Lapu Lapu brought home RRQ Hoshi in the Lower Bracket Final in the last game.

Apart from that, he also used Lapu Lapu in the first game and the third game against Blacklist International in the Grand Final.

His strength with Lapu Lapu made Blacklist International ban this hero in the last game.

Using the Gloo hero, Sanford and his team won the fourth game and won the M4 World Championship.

Thus the discussion regarding ECHO Sanford as the youngest professional player to win M4.

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