5 Reasons Chou Always Becomes the Meta Hero of Mobile Legends, GG Continues Every Season Friends!

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Hero Chou in the game Mobile Legends has been released since 2016, but he is also one of the heroes most often picked by players every season.

This trend is of course caused by various reasons, some of which are that this kung-fu expert hero is an expert in adapting not only to any team, but also his skills are very simple and the damage is quite painful.

Because of that, you will often encounter this hero in almost every game. In fact, he is also not affected by the new season adjustments which usually affect the abilities of several meta heroes in the previous season.

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Are you curious about the reason Chou is always a meta in any Vicigers team? Of course, this review will reveal why this kung-fu expert hero is good at playing with any team and hero.

5 Reasons Chou Always Enters Meta Hero Every Season

Very GG Innate Status

Almost every status of Chou starting from normal attacks, skills 1, 2 and his ulti can be used to make the opponent's hero battered.

chou hero yang gg from the beginning of the game
Chou is Using Combo Skill 1 and Basic Attack

Starting from his basic attack, this kung-fu expert hero can make three consecutive melee attacks which will increase his damage as Chou levels up. This is one of the reasons why this agile hero is often positioned on the EXP Lane, so he can quickly acquire other skills.

Some players will try to upgrade their blink skill which is indeed the core attack of this immortal meta hero. With the ability of skill 2, he can become invulnerable for a while.

Besides that, the early game is also a place for Chou to always "show off" to lure both minions and opposing heroes out of their area. In a way, Poke is his mainstay tactic.

Usually after doing Poke, the user's player will immediately have a lot of spam skills 1 and 2 in the turret closest to the EXP Lane or Jungle. As a result, the opponent also lost quickly.

Skills 1, 2 and Chou's ult are an attraction for most players because they are designed to always be continuous with each other.

chou uses blink skill
Chou Uses Combo Blink Skill 2

For example, by using skill 1, he can make his target fly into the air, so that he can give his team enough time to continue the attack.

If someone on your team uses a Saber hero or a hero who can CC, you can duet skill 1 Chou with this CC attack.

Furthermore, skill 2 and this kung-fu expert's ulti hero can also be combined with his normal attacks to catch the opponent off guard.

The trick is when Chou starts to blink with skill 2, you can immediately connect the attack with a regular attack, then immediately proceed with the ulti so that the target is pushed from its original position.

With the advantage of the blink skill that makes him temporarily invulnerable, he can deal massive damage with only a small loss of HP. However, be careful of enemy targets that can CC or disable because they can hinder the movement of this hero.

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Have Many Attractions With Battle Spell

Chou will be a very agile hero when you understand the use of battle spells, especially Flicker.

chou hero who can make damage attractions
Chou Uses a Combination of Flicker and Ulti

By giving the Battle Spell Flicker, Chou has the opportunity to increase his attack into an ambush attack or a "sudden" attack so that the opponent doesn't move.

First of all, you have to increase the level of this hero until skill 2 and ulti can be accessed. After these two skills can be used, position this kung-fu expert hero parallel to the target.

Press the ultimate skill when this hero's position is parallel to the target, even if the target is blocked by a wall or another hero. Just before he hits a wall or other obstacle, press Flicker and instantly he will pass through the wall or barrier of his target for a "snap" attack.

You can also do this by using skill 2. In essence, the Battle Spell Flicker will make the blink attack range of this kung-fu expert hero longer.

After success, you can continue with a normal attack or skill 1 if you still have mana left. Thanks to this, he also survives as an eternal meta hero every season.

Expert in Dealing Continuous Damage

Hero Chou is always included in other meta heroes because he has continuous damage that is not canned. In a way, every combo attack when it's fully upgraded can make opponents without buffs quickly get killed.

Chou is an expert in consecutive damage
Chou Deals Consecutive Damage With Ulti

For example, he is always a hero subscriber who provides either assists or doubles to triple kills in every match. Of course, this cannot be separated from the role of the blink and burst skills.

On other occasions, this agile fighter hero can almost always escape from the pursuit of opponents and counterattack their attacks because his 1st skill can catch opponents off guard.

Chou will also become a meta hero when he is used by players with fast hands, who also carry the Battle Spell Flicker and the Blade of Despair item.

It is guaranteed that this kung-fu expert hero will become the king of the EXP Lane during the mid to late game.

Can Solo Push During Late Game

If, for example, you prefer to play as an offlaner, of course Chou is always a reliable offlaner meta hero.

chou can solo push during the late game
Chou Is Solo Pushing

He has a skill that can hinder the opponent's movement with skill 1, then he can quickly rotate to a safer lane with skill 2 and his ulti.

He can also quickly approach and get away from the opponent's turret with a combination of Flicker and skill 2 or his ulti. The rest, he can quickly destroy the opponent's turret when your team uses the split push tactic.

However, the condition is that players who use Chou must not panic, let alone many recalls to base. You see, this will prevent the fighter hero from leveling up quickly.

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That's the reason Chou is always included in the meta hero in every season, and he has also been named as one of the heroes who has stable performance. This is certainly evident from the frequent picks by players when ranked. So, make the best use of this kung-fu expert hero, Vicigers!

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