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counter gloo

Who are Gloo's counter heroes? Gloo is now starting to be used frequently by Mobile Legends players, both in ranked mode and in tournaments, after its use had declined at the start of its release.

One of the reasons is that Gloo recently received a fairly large buff from Moonton, which makes it even more suitable for use as a roamer or side laner.

Because one of his skills can make Gloo stick to an opposing hero and can make him die on his own when Gloo is damaged, this hero with the tank role is also known as a hero with a special mechanism.

In addition, this Gloo has a very strong paralyzing effect. Gloo can immobilize enemy heroes for 1.5 seconds after giving them a combo.

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Hero Counter Gloo Mobile Legends

counter gloo

There are several heroes that are suitable as counter gloo in the Mobile Legends game.

You can use this hero to stop Gloo's steps and eliminate him.

However, this must also be supported by a good arrangement of items and gameplay.

Let's take a look at the recommended heroes to counter Gloo in the Mobile Legends game.


counter gloo

Gloo's strongest natural counter-hero is Faramis. Why is that? Gloo can be killed by Faramis with just one skill. Yes, it turns out that Gloo's main weakness is the effect of skill 2 Faramis which has the ability to bounce.

If Faramis uses this talent on Gloo while he is executing his ultimate, the skill will continue to bounce and deal a lot of damage to Gloo.

It's very easy to use; all you have to do is wait for Gloo to unleash its most powerful ability, Split – Split (which breaks the body into many pieces).

When Gloo's body begins to dismantle it, just use skill 2 Faramis to attack it. Therefore, Gloo will undoubtedly be instantly killed by the powerful skill of Faramis' reflected damage.

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counter gloo

Who would have thought that this hero who had never been sold could be a Gloo counter? Due to the effect of her skill 2 which has the ability to provide significant burst damage to Gloo, Vexana is very likely to be able to beat Gloo.

His technique was almost identical to Faramis; you only need to wait until Gloo performs the ultimate skill "Split - Split" before directing Vexana's skill 2 attack directly to Gloo's children.

When Gloo rides on an opponent, Vexana will immediately blow it up with a large burst of damage if this skill hits Gloo's offspring. But keep in mind that your friend's hero who is ridden by Gloo will also take less health because of this skill.

Therefore, to increase your chances of survival while driving Gloo, try to draw its final blow towards a tank hero with lots of health.

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Vale is a mage hero with special mechanics because this character has various skill combinations that can be changed as the game progresses. Well, one of Vale's skill combos finally worked very well to defeat Gloo's power.

For skill 2 Vale, select the stop effect when it hits the enemy (red), and for ultimate Vale, select the crowd control effect (blue). Use the same strategy as Vexana and Faramis if you have already used this set of skills.

Wait for Gloo to use Split-Split before launching an attack with skill 2 Vale. Use Ultimate Vale as well to prevent Gloo from escaping when he takes damage from these two talents.

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Wanwan Hero Counter Gloo

Gloo might be easily defeated by Wanwan thanks to his ultimate. Wanwan will not be able to take reversal damage from Gloo while in the air. Wanwan could take advantage of this opportunity to quickly kill Gloo.

Get him into the turret as soon as Gloo pins him, then attack with Wanwan's ultimate. Gloo can be easily killed this way.

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Because of skills Zhask who can enter Joni when using his ultimate, he can defeat Gloo.

When performing the ultimate, Zhask will be safe inside Joni and doesn't need to worry about being hit by Gloo reversal damage, so if Zhask is hit by Gloo's ultimate, just counter with the ultimate as well.

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Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong
Yu Zhong

Gloo's ultimate ability can be defeated by Yu Zhong's life steal. Yu Zhong is still alive due to the life steal effect of his massive passive talent, although he will still take damage if Gloo sticks to him.

You can also kill Gloo immediately using your ultimate Yu Zhong to get him into the turret.

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Okay, maybe that's all the explanation from Gloo and this Gloo counter hero. Please just post in the comments column if you think there might be a hero or something else that could be a counter for Gloo.

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