NOT Eliminated from M4 by The Valley in the Lower Bracket!

TODAK Malaysia

One of the representatives from Malaysia is the TODAK team. The team started the M4 World Championship with a very promising performance.

Unfortunately, they failed to continue the journey on M4 after losing to The Valley, the North American team in the Playoffs Lower Bracket phase on January 10 2023 yesterday.

Even though they had to go home, the journey for the team from Malaysia was quite impressive, seeing the journey of the Group Stage phase which did not even suffer a single defeat.

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TODAK's Promising Appearance on the Group Stage

Group Stage M4
Third Day M4 Group Stage Results. Source: YouTube/Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official

TODAK is a team from Malaysia who managed to win group B. During the group stage, they won all their matches and kept a clean sheet.

The early phases of the M4 looked very smooth for TODAK. Debuting on M4 with a victory over Malvinas Gaming, they proved that this team from Malaysia cannot be underestimated.

The next match is against ONIC Esports, one of the representatives from Indonesia. Again, TODAK gave a promising performance and sealed the second game victory in the group stage in just 16 minutes.

Finally, they closed the Group Stage phase with a score of 3-0 thanks to a win over MDH Esports. The match also ended very quickly, which was only for 13 minutes.

Winning Group B, of course they get an Upper Bracket spot to play in Knockout Stage / Playoffs. Having an Upper Bracket spot is very profitable, considering that there is still a chance if you have to lose in that bracket.

However, this team from Malaysia unfortunately had to jump into the Lower Bracket first. Are you curious about what the M4 Playoffs are like for the team with the marlin fish logo? Come on, see the discussion about their Playoffs journey below!

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Tight Playoffs Match

TODAK vs RRQ Hoshi Upper Bracket match
RRQ Hoshi's Victory Against TODAK in the Upper Bracket. Source: YouTube/Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official

The TODAK team had to go through the tight start of the opening of the M4 Playoffs to get the M4 champion. Unfortunately, they met with the Indonesian team viz RRQ Hoshi.

This meeting that took place in the Upper Bracket turned out to be a record for RRQ Hoshi for continuous wins against TODAK.

They managed to win Best of 5 with a score of 3-0. As one of the representatives of Indonesia, RRQ Hoshi deserved the victory thanks to his tidy playing for three games in a row.

Even so, the game between the two teams was very fierce because each of the players put up a fight by trading kills or picking-offs quite often.

The Upper Bracket match between RRQ Hoshi and TODAK lasted quite a while. The second game lasted 26 minutes and was one of the longest games in the M4 Playoffs phase.

Forced to lose, TONOT must continue the journey in the tournament Mobile Legends the most prestigious this year through the Lower Bracket. One game is decisive because if they lose, they have to go home and fail to get a trophy.

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End of Journey NOT on the M4

TOTAL defeat to The Valley
Last defeat in M4 World Championship. Source: Instagram/@todakmlbb

Unfortunately, TODAK failed to beat the team from North America named The Valley. A crushing 0-2 defeat meant that they failed to continue their journey in the M4 World Championship tournament.

In the first game, both teams played very aggressively. Looking for pick offs from each other and conducting an objective contest, the first game lasted long enough until the 15th minute The Valley managed to close the first game with the help of a buff from Lord.

The second game seems more fierce. As the decisive game which was very crucial for the last Malaysian representative team, TODAK put up quite a solid resistance.

Unfortunately, the resistance was not able to bring victory. The Valley had the advantage at the start of the game thanks to Triple Kill from Basic the Gold Laner with Beatrix, however, TODAK continued to hold back and bring the second game to 20 minutes.

Finally, The Valley took the Lord buff again and sealed the victory so they could advance to the next Playoffs phase.

Nice try for TODAK who has struggled in the Playoffs despite winning the Group Stage phase. They finished 9th-12th, the lowest position seeing the previous M World Championship tournament they had participated in.

Thus the discussion about TODAK's journey in the M4 World Championship, I hope this is useful! Keep on fighting for TODAK and don't give up!

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