Welt Honkai Star Rail Builds: Trace, Relics, Light Cone, and Party

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Welt is one of seven characters with rarity 5 star which you can get from a standard banner Honkai Star Rail.

Games with system RPGs This turn-based game provides 7 different standard character path representations where Welt is the representation of Nihility path.

Welt has a very good kit which can provide a Slow effect that slows down enemy movements so that there will be more turns for party characters.

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Welt Honkai Star Rail Build Recommendations

The build recommendations for Welt are based on the author's objective assessment of priority traces, light cones, relics, and party recommendations that work in synergy with Welt.

You can get Welt in several ways, namely:

  • Departure Warp (character banner for beginners)
  • Stellar Warp (Standard game banner)
  • Additional Reward (Already spent 300 Warp on the Stellar Warp banner)
  • Character Limited (Spook doesn't get any characters in the banner).

Material Talent and Character Ascension Welt

Welt honkai star rail material
Material Trace and Ascension Welt (source: VCGamers)

Welt requires the following materials to maximize the character's ascension level and ascension trace, namely:

  • Material path Nihility: Obsidian of Dread, Obsidian of Desolation, and Obsidian of Obsession
  • Silvermane Guard material drops: Silvermane Badge, Silvermane Insignia, and Silvermane Medal
  • Ascension level characters require the drop material Stagnant Shadow (Shape of Mirage): Golden Crown of the Past Shadow
  • Trace level 5++ requires drop material Echo of War (Destruction's Beginning): Destroyer's Final Road. 

Best Eidolons for Welt Builds

welt build eidolon
Eidolon Welt (source: VCGamers)

The Trace kit related to Welt's abilities is actually relatively simple when compared to other character builds.

Welt's main function in locking enemy movements is actually very good without the need for additional Eidolons.

If you intend to increase Welt's abilities, the author recommends Eidolon 1 (E1) which can increase Welt's ATK and Skill DMG after using Ultimate as well as adding attack targets.

Besides that, Eidolon 4 (E4) is also very good for Welt because it can have the effect of reducing the enemy's SPD when the enemy is in an Imprisoned state.

Priority Trace for Build Welt

welt honkai star rail build trace
Trace Welt (source: VCGamers)

Basic ATK Welt namely Gravity Suppression, Welt will attack 1 enemy target, dealing Imaginary DMG calculated from a total of 50% ATK Welt.

Welt's skill is Edge of the Void will give an Imaginary DMG attack to one target enemy with an additional 2 times the DMG to another random enemy.

Skills can also reduce enemy SPD for 2 turns and it is possible to get Weakness from decreasing Toughness Bar.

Ultimate Welt, namely Synthetic Black Bole will create an AoE attack that can deal Imaginary DMG to the enemy.

In addition, using Ultimate can make the enemy receive the Imprisoned effect. This effect can make the enemy locked so that he will miss 1 turn.

Ultimate can also lower enemy SPD. Makes enemy movement slow (Slowed effect), SPD decreases, and Advance Forward of characters in the party increases.

welt hsr ultimate animation
Ultimate Animation (source: VCGamers)

Talent Welt namely Time Distortion, Welt will provide additional Imaginary DMG if the Slowed effect of other Welt attacks is active.

Technique Welt namely Gravitational Imprisonment, Welt will create a Black Hole which can slow down the character's SPD so you can attack enemies with elements of the enemy's Weakness.

Upon entering battle, there is a chance that the enemy who received the Technique will be Imprisoned in 1 turn.

So, recommendations trace priority for Welt is Ultimate = Skill > Talent > Basic ATK. 

Relic's recommendation for Build Welt

westlander of banditry desert relic hsr
Westlander of Banditry Desert (source: VCGamers)

Stat for Welt builds are ATK, Effect Hit Rate, Energy Regen Rate, SPD, and Imaginary DMG.

Break Effect, Crit Rate, and Crit DMG can be used as a benchmark for Welt's sub stats.

All traces of Welt are calculated from the percentage of the ATK stat they have. In addition, because Trace is an important part and functions to slow down enemies you will need an Effect Hit Rate and Energy Regen Rate.

Musketeers of Wild Wheat is the most optimal and most common choice for Welt because it can increase linear ATK with Welt's large SPD.

Another option for Cavern Relic is Wastelander of Banditry Desert which can increase Imaginary DMG as well as Crit DMG and Crit Rate if the character successfully debuffs the enemy.

The two Relics mentioned earlier can be used as a 4-PC full set or 2-PC each combined.

In the Relic Planar Ornament section, there are 4 recommended Relics for Welt, namely: Rutilant Arena, Space Sealing Station, Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise, or Fleet of the Ageless.

Space Sealing Station and Fleet of Ageless can increase ATK linearly with SPD.

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise can increase the Effect Hit Rate which also increases ATK along with the big Effect Hit Rate stat.

Meanwhile, Rutilant Arena can increase Crit Rate, Skill DMG, and Basic ATK all at once.

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Light Cone Recommendations for Build Welt Honkai Star Rail

light cone in the name of the world honkai star rail
Light Cone In the Name of the World (source: VCGamers)

Light Cones Nihility path for Welt can be selected by increasing stats such as ATK, Break Effect, or Effect Hit Rate.

It would be great if DMG from Trace and Light Cone gets DMG if the character manages to do debuffs such as slowing down movement.

In the Name of the World or Incessant Rain still the most optimal 5 star Light Cone rarity for Welt.

At 4 star rarity you can choose Good Night and Sleep Well, Before the Tutorial Mission Starts, and We Will Meet Again.

Players at Trailblaze Level early or new players can use Hidden Shadows or Void.

Recommended Team Composition (Party Setup) for Build Welt Honkai Star Rail

welt honkai star rail party
Party Welt recommendation (source: VCGamers)

Welt has great synergy with almost all characters, making it easy to throw into any party and pair with a variety of DPS.

Welt's ability to slow down movement and give an Imprisoned effect can make characters have more attack opportunities because the enemy's turn is held for 2 turns.

This ability is perfect for whichever DPS you use, for example Seele, Jing Yuan, Dan Heng, Yangqing, or others.

Here are some inspirations for Welt's party recommendations:

  • Welt F2P Friendly: Welt + Dan Heng + Trailblazer (Preservation) + Natasha
  • Welt DoT: Welt + Kafka + Wound + Shampoo
  • Welt Mono Imaginaryl : Welt + Luocha + Yukong + Silver Wolf
  • Welt Hypercarry: DPS (anyone) + Tingyun/ Bronya + Welt + character path Preservation/ Abundance

With Welt, you can use any party arrangement that requires Welt's abilities.

Thus the build guide for Welt Honkai Star Rail characters. Don't forget to top up Oneiric Shard at VCGamers Marketplace at an affordable price!

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