50+ Cool ML Names That Are Not Illegal

Cool ML names are not illegal

You're looking ML name which is cool and not illegal? Well, this time there are several recommendations for names that are suitable for you to use.

You will find more than 50 cool ML names that you can choose from. These names are not illegal, so you don't need to worry about being punished by them Moonton.

Apart from that, we will also provide some tips for choosing a cool and interesting ML name. Come on, take a look!

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50+ Cool ML Names That Are Not Illegal

Mobile Legends illustration. Source: VCGamers

If you are a tough ML player and have a fighting spirit. You definitely always want to be different from others. Do you want your ML name to be cool and unmarketable? Check out the recommendations below.

Names in Indonesian

  • Angry Birds
  • Red onion
  • First love
  • Young blood
  • Genta
  • Rain in June
  • Motherland
  • Solemn promise
  • Wind Power
  • Rainbow Troops
  • The Mystery of Mount Merapi
  • Archipelago Hero
  • Rajawali
  • The Creator
  • My homeland
  • Sea Jellyfish
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The names Use English

  • Alpha
  • Angel
  • avengers
  • Beast
  • Black Panthers
  • Captain America
  • Dark Knights
  • Dragons
  • Eagle
  • Fire
  • Ghosts
  • Godzilla
  • Hawkeye
  • IronMan
  • Lightning
  • Ninjas
  • Phoenix

What is the name which uses Japanese

  • Akira
  • Daisuke
  • Haruto
  • Kazuma
  • Kenshin
  • Miyamoto Musashi
  • Rin
  • Sakura
  • Tanjiro
  • Uchiha Sasuke
  • Yamato

The names Use Korean language

  • Baekhyun
  • Chan-yeol
  • DO
  • EXO
  • Jimin
  • Jungkook
  • Kai
  • Lay
  • Lisa
  • Love Yourself
  • Nana
  • Onew
  • Sehun
  • Taemin
  • Twice
  • V
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Names Using Languages Other

  • Adolf (Germany)
  • Alexander (Greek)
  • Chloe (Greece)
  • Diana (Roman)
  • Elizabeth (England)
  • Gabriel (Hebrew)
  • Helen (Greek)
  • Isabella (Spain)
  • James (England)
  • John (Hebrew)
  • Mary (Hebrew)
  • Michael (Hebrew)
  • Peter (Greek)
  • Queen (England)
  • Robert (England)
  • William (England)
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How to Change MLBB Name

Hero Meta Season 29
Mobile Legends illustration. Source: VCGamers

The name in Mobile Legends is an identity attached to the player. Therefore, it is not surprising that many players are not careless in choosing or changing names. There are two ways to change the MLBB name, namely free and paid.

How to Change MLBB Name for Free

Each MLBB player only has one chance to change their name for free. The method is as follows:

  1. Open the MLBB game.
  2. Click the profile icon in the top left corner.
  3. Click your name.
  4. Enter the desired new name.
  5. Click “Save”.

How to change your MLBB name for a fee

If you have used your free opportunity, you can change your MLBB name for a fee by using a name change card. The name change card can be purchased at the MLBB shop for 299 diamonds.

The method is as follows:

  1. Open the MLBB game.
  2. Click the shop icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select the “Preparation” category.
  4. Click “Name Change Card”.
  5. Click “Buy”.
  6. Enter the desired new name.
  7. Click “Save”.

If you use the Name Change Card, your new name will be changed immediately. If you use Diamonds, you will be charged 299 Diamonds. Once your name is changed, your old name will be deleted and cannot be returned.

Those are more than 50 cool, non-illegal ML names that you can choose from. Hopefully this article can help you find an ML name that suits your wishes.

In addition, you can also add symbols or special characters to make your ML name more unique. For example, you can add a star symbol (*), a heart symbol (♥), or a snake symbol (�.

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