MLBB Starlight Skin December 2023, Only 300 Diamonds!

mlbb starlight skin december 2023

Starlight skins Mobile Legends December 2023 will be released soon. The hero who gets this skin is Arlott.

This hero with the Fighter/Assassin role will receive starlight with the Arlott "Fury of the Deep" feature.

You can get this skin for only 300 diamonds. It's not just the skin that you get, but there are various other benefits, you know!

For more details, let's look at the Starlight Mobile Legends Skin December 2023.

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Starlight Mobile Legends Skin December 2023

starlight december 2023 arlott
Arlott. Source: YouTube/ Mobile Legends

The Starlight skin is always eagerly awaited by fans of the Mobile Legends game. Because, Moonton always presents cool and interesting skins for its players.

Not only that, the skins presented also come with various cool looks.

Well, users Arlott you should be happy. Because, the hero you use will get the Starlight skin December 2023.

As stated previously, Arlott will come with a skin called Arlott "Fury of the Deep".

The price of this skin is 300 diamonds. You can buy diamonds in the game.

Or, if you want to buy a cheaper diamond package, you can buy it at VCGamers Marketplace.

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Starlight Graffiti
Starlight Graffiti

You can get various benefits by subscribing to Starlight Member 2023. Some of the things you will get include:

  • Sacred Statue
  • Trial Executive Securities
  • Chat Bubbles
  • Avatar Borders
  • Starlight Graffiti
  • Exclusive Name Color (Premium Starlight Member)
  • Starlight Shop (10 Starlight Skins Return)
  • Fighting Bonus Privileges
    • +5% BP Bonus for each match
    • +10% Additional EXP every match
    • +10 Bonus Protection Points for losing ranked matches
    • +30% Mastery Bonus for each match

You can also get a Starlight Point bonus every time you buy a Weekly Diamond Pass. You only need to claim daily diamonds and starlight points.

So, to subscribe to the Weekly Diamond Pass you can buy it in the game and VCGamers Marketplace (BUY HERE).

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Arlott Mobile Legends Skills

Arlott. Source: YouTube/ Mobile Legends

Users of every hero who gets a new skin will certainly want to have it. The presence of cool skins is certainly not to be missed.

However, having a cool skin will certainly be better with good playing skills.

We must be able to understand each role of the hero that will be used, including Arlott. This will make it easier for us and not bother other players while in the Land of Dawn.

Apart from that, we also have to be able to master Arlott's skills. For more details, let's take a look!

Passive Skill – Demon Gaze

Arlott's passive skill is called Demon Gaze. This hero has a demon that leaves Marks on surrounding enemy units that are affected by Crowd Control within 8 seconds.

Skill 1 – Dauntless Strike

Arlott's first skill is Dauntless Strike. When you use it, Arlott will swing the spear forward.

Later, this attack will cause the opponent's hero to receive 200 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. This skill will also cause enemy heroes in the area to be briefly stunned.

Meanwhile, other heroes who are far from the area of effect will be stunned for one second.

Skill 2 – Vengeance

Arlott's second skill is Vengeance. With this skill, Arlott will attack the opponent's hero and deal 135 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and this skill cannot be stopped while moving.

If the opponent's hero affected by this skill has a Mark, this skill will deal double damage.

Then, it will immediately reset Cooldown and restore Arlott's HP to 5%.

Ultimate Skill – Final Slash

Next, the main skill of this hero is Final Slash. This hero will slash towards the front.

Opponent heroes who are hit by this attack in the area will suffer 400 (+80% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

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Don't miss out on getting the Starlight Skin this December 2023. Immediately prepare your Mobile Legends diamonds now.

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