Edith Mobile Legends Build Recommendations 2024

Edith Mobile Legends

This time we will review the recommendations for the strongest Edith build in 2024. You can use this arrangement of items and emblems to optimize one of the heroes in Mobile Legends this.

There was a stir when this hero first appeared in Land of Dawn: Edith Mobile Legends! Yep, how could it not be? This hero with a tank/marksman role is truly contradictory.

He has a tough body but also takes damage?! So how is his work on the S31? Let's look at the following review!

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Edith Mobile Legends on Meta Fighter/Tank S31

In her time, Edith was one of the breakthrough heroes of Moonton. The reason is, this hero is an innovation that goes against the law of imbalance.

How could it not be, this hero has the durability of a tank hero, but when his Ultimate Skill is active, he can morph (change) into a marksman with endless damage output!

No less, the damage it produces also has magical characteristics. If so, don't expect Wind of Nature (WON) to be used against him!

However, in the current meta, Edith has not received a significant buff. As a tank it is too soft and thin. And as a marksman, his damage is not very painful.

Not to mention that the hero cannot provide significant damage outside of his Ulti Skill mode. Because of this, he is rarely seen. But that doesn't mean this hero is not playable.

Vicigers can still use it as experience. lane, if you really have to. So, so that it can continue to exist, here are the build items, emblems and talents, as well as battle spells that VCGamers recommends for Edith:

Build Edith Items in Mobile Legends

Build Items Edith
Build Items Edith. Source: Official Site

First starting from item movement. Edith can be very flexible for this, the important thing is to focus on her sustain capacity.

Vicigers You can choose Warrior or Tough Boots, depending on what type of damage the opponent you find on the lane has (physical or magic).

Still considering the Defense item build, the item for the second slot is Antique Cuirass. With its "Deter" effect, your opponent will become a handicap when one-on-one with you!

For the third item, then you consider its magic damage by buying the Feather of Heaven item.

Apart from increasing magic power, this item also provides an additional lifesteal effect. Very synergistic with Edith's passive!

The fourth item returns to the realm of durability, namely the Dominance Ice item. His passive can reduce various regeneration (heal) and shield (white blood) effects that his opponent has. It's great if you meet support heroes!

For the fifth slot, Edith can really buy Oracle. This item can provide a regeneration effect as well as an additional shield that can boost the tank/marksman's Ultimate Skill mode attributes!

Finally, make sure Immortality is also priced as an additional reserve life. That way, when Edith had to dive-in she had "insurance" so she wouldn't be immediately picked off!

Emblems and Talents

Edith's Emblems and Talents
Edith's Emblems and Talents. Source: Official Site

Even though there are lots of people out there who suggest various recommended emblems for Edith, VCGamers still believes that the best emblem for her is still the Tank Emblem.

Not only can this emblem strengthen Edith's true status as a tank hero, but with the current talent system, her talent choices can be more flexible. Some of them are like:

For General Talent (1), Firmness which can provide additional armor and magic resistance can be the best choice.

Meanwhile, for General Talent (2), Tenacity, which provides a sustain effect when the hero's blood (Hit Points - HP) is low, can be taken into consideration. And this combination is closed with Focusing Mark as the Main Talent: increases damage to team members!

Battle Spells

Edith's Battle Spells
Edith's Battle Spells. Source: Official Site

So that Edith can more easily penetrate using the Skill 2 (Onward) and 1 (Earth Shatter) combo, the battle spell blink, namely Flicker, can Vicigers choose. That way, you can suddenly reach enemies outside your skill range!

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This is a complete review article regarding build items, emblems and talents, as well as battle spells that are suitable for the hero Edith Mobile Legends meta Season 31 patch 1.8.47 2024!

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