5 Best Counter Nolan Heroes in the Mobile Legends Game

Nolan Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Nolan is a hero character in the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It was officially released by Moonton, starting at the end of 2023, on September 30 to be precise. Because of this, many players have used Nolan as their main hero, because his strength is above the average for other Assassin type heroes. Therefore, you need Nolan's hero counter, so you can block his attacks.

There are several types of heroes who are natural counters to Nolan, because of their area skills, or more commonly known as crowd control. Apart from that, Nolan is also weak against heroes who have lock skills against enemy characters.

Furthermore, he also has weaknesses in terms of defense. So, Nolan cannot receive a lot of true damage constantly.

If you think that there are only tank heroes who have the skill descriptions above, then you are very wrong.

In the article, the author will explain in detail how to counter Nolan, by picking heroes, which the author will explain one by one. For this reason, pay close attention to the articles that will be presented below.

Without further ado, let's get into the main discussion. Listen carefully!

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Recommendations for the Best Counter Nolan Heroes in the Mobile Legends Game

Nolan Lore
Nolan Lore. (Source: Mobile Legends Bang Bang/Youtube)

Here are 5 recommendations for Nolan's natural counter heroes that you can choose from when you meet him inside Land of Dawn. Among others are:


yin mobile legends (6)
Khufra – Volcanic Overlord (Source: UHD Wallpaper)

First, there is a hero who was perched in the first row of recommended counters of all the heroes available Mobile Legends. None other than that Khufra.

Before getting a massive nerf, Khufra had skill effects that were no joke, and even when he was nerfed, you could still utilize these skills in the hands of the right and deft pilot.

To counter Nolan, make sure you save your second skill and ultimate, in order to trap Nolan between the walls.


Kaja. (Source: Mobile Legends Bang Bang/Google)

In second place there is Kaja which endangers Nolan's existence if his ultimate skill exists. To counter Nolan, you only need to target Nolan. Save your ultimate, and don't use it carelessly. Stay next to Marksman or Hyper Carry, because Nolan players usually aim MM with the least blood on the team.


Minshittar - Nolan's counter
Minshitar. (Source: Detik Inet/Google)

You can use the ultimate skill and also the other skill which can attract and trap enemies in the golden circle. The author guarantees that even Nolan players with a lot of flying experience will have difficulty dealing with Minshittar's skills.


Phoveus - Couter Nolan
Phoveus. (Source: Mobile Legends Bang Bang/Google)

Phoveus, a character who became AP Bren's support when facing Blacklist International in the continuation series of the grand final of MPL PH Season 12 ago, proved to be able to reduce Nolan's attacks.

You can use Phoveus' dash skill to lure Nolan out of his position when the war is going on. Not only that, you can also use this skill to keep Nolan at a distance from the hero Hyper Carry who usually has the least blood compared to your other teammates.


Carrie. (Source: Mobile Legends Bang Bang/Google)

Final, Vicigers You can also use basic attacks from heroes Karrie who is the only MM type hero on Nolan's hero counter list this time. Like other Assassins, Nolan also cannot block true damage attacks well, so he is very weak when facing Karrie who is equipped with true damage attacks.

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