RSG PH Wins MPLI 2023 After Defeating ECHO

mpli champion 2023 (3)

Prestigious tournament Mobile Legends namely the MPL Invitational 2023 has succeeded in producing a champion. The 2023 MPLI champion is RSG PH.

RSG PH managed to conquer ECHO PH who are compatriot rivals in the 2023 MPLI Grand Final which will be held on Sunday 19 November 2023 at the GBK Basketball Hall, Jakarta.

In the 2023 MPLI Grand Final round, RSG PH got a final score of 3-1 from a fierce battle with ECHO PH.

Therefore, RSG PH managed to emerge as MPLI 2023 champions who dominated the match.

Coming out with the title of MPLI 2023 champion, of course RSG PH managed to pocket a prize of $37,000 or the equivalent of IDR 571.4 million.

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RSG PH's victory at MPLI 2023

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RSG PH Championship in MPLI 2023 (Source: UnGeek)

In the 2023 MPLI Grand Final round, both teams both had quite good quality of play. However, RSG PH showed very impressive draft pick results and gameplay.

Of course, this is their strategy to become champions of MPLI 2023, whether it's choosing heroes or playing patterns which are quite neat.

Behind all this, of course there was a player who really helped the game, namely Nathzz, the player who succeeded in bringing RSG PH to become champions with a score of 3-1.

At the start of the first game, RSG PH showed their skills by giving a fairly aggressive performance.

However, ECHO was a little overwhelmed in dealing with the resistance from RSG PH, they only took advantage of a few small moments to get up.

Still in the first game, the level of aggression from RSG PH was even worse, ECHO had already over-committed twice during the lord fishing moment, but RSH PH had snowballed at the start of the game so they took the score 1-0.

Moving on to the second game, Guinevere was one of the first heroes chosen. Meanwhile, ECHO PH issued Benedetta which has the fastest mobility and is accompanied by Wanwan and Minotaur which is predicted to be a big problem for RSG PH.

Hero released by ECHO PH This really gave a very impressive fight, they became the main executors for ECHO PH so they could take 1 point with the score being 1-1.

In the third game, the error was with the daei hero KarlTzy, where he used Guinevere so that the points in the third game were won by RSG PH.

In the last game, ECHO carried out a very good pick combo, but this was accompanied by a quite effective pick-off strategy.

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ECHO PH Lost 3-1

mpli champion 2023 (1)
KarlTzy (Source: ONE Esports)

As previously mentioned, ECHO PH's game started to go down in the third game.

One of the highlights here is the hero used by KarlTzy namely Guinevere who achieved a record of 100%.

In this third game, RSG PH always has a way to overcome this problem. All the players released very strong heroes when they were in teamfight, especially as these heroes performed quite solidly so that RSG PH closed the third game with a score of 2-1.

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So, the 2023 MPLI grand finalists are almost dominated by teams from the Philippines. With this, RSG PH is able to prove that it can become champion at MPLI 2023.

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