5 Best FF Weapon Combos For High Rankings, Auto Win!

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Check this page to see what are the 5 best FF weapon combos that you can use at high ranks like Heroic. By using this FF weapon combo, you will definitely win automatically.

Weapons in Free Fire played an important role in determining the outcome of the game. The better the weapon, the higher the chance of winning. While it mostly boils down to the user's proficiency in wielding it, the weapon itself does come into play.

Taking this into account, only a few weapons work properly when used in combos. They make up for each other's weaknesses and give players an all-around weapon to work with.

FF weapon combo that is perfect for high rank matches, such as Heroic ranks. Just use this bro!

List of the Most Painful FF Weapon Combos at High Ranks

High ranks required decent skills and weapon combinations that were beneficial to one's playstyle. Therefore, you can see the best FF weapon combos which are given below:

Charge Buster + G36

FF Weapon Combo

Charge Buster is a very unique weapon in Free Fire. This shotgun works by charging and firing to cause damage.

What makes it truly devastating is its max range of 18. Players can use this distance to safely attack unsuspecting opponents.

To complement Charge Buster, the best weapon to use is the G36. It offers two shooting modes and can be equipped with a muzle for increased damage. With a range of 76, shooting long range targets won't be a problem.

Desert Eagle + M1887

FF Weapon Combo

There is no better in-game gun for players with good accuracy and skill than the Desert Eagle. This one-shot magic can easily obliterate long range targets. However, mastering it will take a little effort.

With ranged combat factored in, the best weapon to use at close range is the M1887. In the hands of experienced players, this shotgun can cut short teamwork.

While the limited number of magazines is a problem for many people, there are ways to compensate and overcome the problem. You can efficiently finish off enemies at a longer distance using the M1887 with a damage rating of 90.

GROZA + Vector

FF Weapon Combo

The best FF weapon combo for the next Heroic rank is GROZA + Vector. When it comes to all-purpose weapons in Free Fire, it's hard to ignore GROZA.

This is an advanced AR that can be used to take down opponents from a distance. What makes it more powerful is that it can be equipped with multiple attachments to make it function better in battle.

The Groza is an airdrop-exclusive weapon that deals solid damage with a 61 rating. Surprisingly, it's one of the most stable Assault Rifles in the game and has excellent mid-range capabilities.

Players should consider a sniper to pair up with the Groza, a more suitable weapon for medium ranges.

With closed long-range combat capabilities, the best weapon for close encounters is the Vector. It has an insane rate of fire and the ability to use it in Akimbo style. The weapon would make short work of enemy troops if the circumstances were right.

Woodpecker + UMP

FF Weapon Combo

Woodpecker + UMP is also one of the best FF weapon combos that you can use at high ranks. According to many users, Woodpecker is the best sniper rifle available in Free Fire.

Each shot deals very high damage and armor penetration. This makes it a lethal weapon in long-range shooters.

Woodpcker is advantageous in two main aspects: Damage and armor penetration. It was a Marksman rifle whose one shot could indeed obliterate an opponent. Accuracy is the reason why players feel comfortable doing one-tap headshots.

However, at close range, this weapon has some limitations, which is where the UMP comes into play. This particular SMG has one of the highest movement speeds in the game, and every shot fired deals armor penetration damage to the target.

For some time now, UMP has been a rising star in the SMG category. With average damage, it has very high armor penetration, rate of fire, movement speed, and reloading speed, allowing gamers to attack their enemies.

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Double AWM 

FF Weapon Combo

AWM is a fan favorite weapon in games. It can be equipped with many attachments and is easy to use in battle. Some players take their love for handguns to the extreme by using two of them in battle.

While there are some limitations involved, they can be used to kill opponents both at close range and at a distance, thanks to quick-scoping.

Weapon loading in Free Fire is lethal but reserved only for the most skilled players. Missing shots with this weapon can lead to an early exit.

AWM is arguably the best SR that will help players get one-tap kills easily when fighting at longer distances.

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Every weapon in Free Fire MAX is capable of taking down enemies in various situations. However, the right combination can increase their efficiency and ultimately help players in battle.

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