Beat Mobile Legends MM Hero With This Hero!

Mobile Legend's Strongest MM

MM heroes Mobile Legends become one of the important roles in the Land Of Dawn. They have a deadly skill set. However, you can beat them by using this hero.

Hero MM Mobile Legends is one of the most popular roles, this role has basic heroes that you can subscribe to according to how you play and rate.

This hero, who is famous for his massive and fatal damage, is always the team's foundation for victory. But the MM Mobile Legends hero is also the fastest killer hero in Mobile Legends. This was because they had low HP and durability.

Especially if they meet the five heroes below, they will run for their lives. Their existence is a terrible spirit for MM Mobile Legends heroes. Here are the five toughest opponents for MM Mobile Legends role heroes, they're really scary!

The Strongest Counter Hero MM Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends MM Heroes

The first hero to be the toughest opponent for MM Mobile Legends heroes is Ling, this killer hero is a trusted and agile killer in Mobile Legends.

Ling can easily kill the Marksman hero because it can deal great damage to his second skill, namely (Defiant Sword), this skill with a cooldown of only 2.5 seconds, which can provide 190 (+ 50 percent total physical attack) and is slow. 30-45 percent effect for 0.75-1.5 seconds.

This is further enhanced by Ling's highest Tempest (Tempest of Blades), this skill causes Ling's immunity to all damage, gives 250 (+100 total physical attack) and can immobilize the opponent in one second.

These two great abilities make it very easy for Ling to kill the Marksman hero, even when he is locked up. However, there is a hole that you can save from persecuting the hero Ling. You can use Wind of Nature or Battle Spell Purify to save.


Mobile Legends MM Heroes

The second hero who is the toughest opponent for the MM Mobile Legends hero is Lancelot, this hero has a high level of dexterity and great damage, making it very easy for him to kill the Marksman hero.

Lancelot's dexterity comes from another skill, namely (Puncture), a flashing skill that is used to chase the opponent's hero, and refreshes when it hits the opponent's hero, Minion and Creep, according to orders.

Meanwhile, Lancelot's damage comes from his second skill, namely (Thorned Rose). Lancelot attacks the target three times and gives 250 (+ 100 percent more physical attack), which causes a slow impact and makes Lancelot immune to all damage and herd control. .

Tips for Marksman hero users who always use Wind of Nature and Flicker when dealing with the Lancelot hero. Because you can only bear these two things.


Mobile Legends MM Heroes

One of the fighter with big damage, which is very easy to reach. The tip can be very difficult for the shooter, and once it's fixed, it's almost certain that the enemy will die immediately.

He is widely used for content on Youtube. Many Youtubers have shown how to stop Marksmane from using Leomord GoldenTrack. Become one of the META Marksman Mobile Legends counters.

If the enemy has 30 percent HP, Leomord's attack will become critical and you can attack all targets on Leomord. Skill 1 (Phantom Stomp) Leomord is given a shield that can absorb damage in preparation for attack.

He can do physical damage no matter how long it takes him to build up the skill. All opponents gain a slow impact of 60 percent momentum.

Skill 2 (The Phantom Charge) Lemord attacks in a certain direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit, causing 50 percent slower enemy effects.


Mobile Legends MM Heroes

Fight all tough heroes with this hero. Her ability to disappear allows Natalia to quickly subdue the core of enemies, especially Marksman. There is also a lack of invulnerability capacity, MM has to be very careful walking around with Natalia on his head.

Presence Natalia could be the right age for any shooter, whether as a side player or a bum. At least it wasn't easy to manage, because they saw Natalia suddenly appear.

He can be used in a variety of roles due to his extreme pain intensity, but is more likely to do split pushes as his moves are difficult for opponents to spot.

Due to the late movement speed and damage ability, Natalia is always prohibited from subscribing when the team chooses ranked mode. In fact, many users of Natalia want to score a leaderboard with their main character in the game.

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Mobile Legends MM Heroes

One of the best heroes with guaranteed longevity and durability. Aldous was very sick in the late game. Although this hero needs to zoom. With the ability to immediately open cards and close enemies, Aldous can kill shooters with one hit.

Aldous is now easier to farm again, as adding to his stack has become easier since creeping or jungle.

Transform is Aldous' passive skill, where this passive skill helps Aldous increase his stamina in the game. After 2 attacks, 100 percent of the damage done by Aldous' next basic attack will form a shield that lasts for 3 seconds.

The shield effect produced by this passive skill is activated every 5 seconds. Soul Steal is Aldous' skill which is Aldous' most important offensive skill in Mobile Legends.

This single skill can deal a lot of damage where energy accumulates in Aldous' hands, and when it hits an enemy, it can deal great damage. This skill can be used to collect tower stacks, kill minions, crawl and even kill enemies.

In terms of gameplay, the easiest thing to understand is not to give space farming to sidelan shooters, because most of them won't do much damage at the beginning of the game, especially these snowball heroes.

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Heroes who have the ability to enter immediately and deal a lot of explosive damage are chosen to fight them. Above, there is a MM Mobile Legends hero counter which according to VCGamers is very effective and useful.

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