Note! Natalia Roam Vs Natalia Sidelane Has a Different Focus!

Natalia Roam vs Natalia Sidelane cover

Natalia roam vs Natalia sidelane in the game Mobile Legends certainly has a different purpose when applied in a match. This is because Natalia will be played in a different position in the Land of Dawn arena.

As a roamer hero, of course players will be required to have more patrols in the arena to map opponent positions, safe and unsafe lanes, or occasionally expel opponents from farming spots.

As a sidelaner hero, players will of course use a hero to better maintain their gold or EXP lane independently. Players can also create lots of kills and do split push as sidelaners.

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This discussion will present the Natalia roam vs Natalia sidelane build, then Natalia's role as a roamer and sidelaner will be detailed in a match.

Build Natalia Roam

Emblem Natalia Roam

The build emblem for Natalia roam vs Natalia sidelane has only a few differences. As a roamer and sidelaner, Natalia will use a custom assassin emblem.

Natalia Roam vs Natalia Sidelane Custom Assassin
Assassin Custom Emblem For Natalia Roam

First, fulfill all Agility Sub-Talents up to 3 points. This will be very useful when Natalia has to do a lot of rotations while walking around the arena.

Second, fulfill Sub-Talent Invasion up to 3 points, so that Natalia has an advantage in physical penetration which will increase as Natalia's level increases in the arena.

For the main Talent, choose High And Dry, so that Natalia can have more painful damage when forced to face an opposing hero. Every time Natalia roams into a mechanical battle, at least this Talent will increase her damage by 6%.

Through this custom assassin emblem, Natalia as a roamer has quite good capital movement speed and damage during the early game.

Item Natalia Roam

Natalia roam vs Natalia Sidelane of course has different build items as well. For Natalia roam build items, she will use physical attack items with passive effects for physical penetration, true damage and critical.

Natalia Roam vs Natalia Sidelane Example item 1
Endless Battle And Demon Hunter Sword

First, take it Rapid Boots to increase Natalia's speed during the early game. This is used as a way for Natalia to roam and map lanes and opponent's positions in the arena.

Second, buy it Blade of Heptaseas so that Natalia can roam while poking the opposing heroes she meets. This item will increase physical damage capabilities while giving slow bonuses.

When entering the mid game, you can buy Malefic Roar so that Natalia has the possibility of poking while creating kills, or at least assisting kills while roaming. Malefic Roar provides additional physical penetration when attacking opposing heroes.

Because Natalia also needs damage and HP supplies, buy them Demon Hunter Sword for additional attack speed and physical attack. The passive effect of this item can also produce lifesteal.

As the ultimate and strongest item for Natalia roam, buy it Endless Battles. This item is useful so that Natalia can roam while being a ganking opener, last hit opponent, as well as rotating from one lane to another quickly.

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Build Natalia Sidelane

Emblem of Natalia Sidelane

Natalia roam vs Natalia sidelane has the same build emblem, namely a custom assassin. Natalia sidelane's Sub-Talent lineup can also be adapted from Natalia roam.

Natalia Roam vs Natalia Sidelane Custom Assassin 2
Assassin Custom Emblem For Natalia Sidelane

Fulfill 3 main points of sub-talent custom assassin for Natalia sidelane in Agility. The goal is for Natalia to have agile movements and be able to trouble the opposing heroes when fighting mechanics

Next, also fulfill Sub-Talent Invasion. Natalia needs a lot of physical penetration when facing one on one with heroes in both the gold and EXP lanes.

Lastly, take High And Dry as the main Talent so that he gets stronger when fighting mechanics with opposing offlaners. This combination will make Natalia's ult even worse.

As a sidelaner, Natalia must continue to be able to hold her position without being lured further into the opponent's area. In fact, Natalia had to lure her opponents into the turret on the sidelane a lot.

Items Natalia Sidelane

The arrangement of Natalia sidelane items is also almost similar to Natalia roam. The difference is, Natalia's sidelane will be built more offensively specifically to survive alone.

Natalia Roam vs Natalia Sidelane Example item 2
Blade Of Despair And Scarlet Phantom

Rapid Boots is the first item that Natalia sidelane must have. This is the main capital during the early game to take advantage of his passive skills so he can produce more damage.

Blade of Heptaseas will also increase Natalia's passive skill so that she can generate quite a lot of damage by attacking the opponent's hero from behind.

Malefic Roar then used to increase the effect of the Blade of Heptaseas. As a result, Natalia has better physical penetration abilities than before.

So that Natalia has a faster attack speed when attacking opponents, buy it Demon Hunter Sword so that he can attack opponents quickly and successively in every mechanical battle.

Buy Blade of Despair for Natalia sidelane is very important so that Natalia can escape quickly and lure opponents to be ganked. It can also be used to lure opponents towards the turret. Blade of Despair provides a decent additional physical attack and movement speed.

Finally, buy items Scarlet Phantom so that Natalia has the opportunity to produce critical damage more often. The additional attack speed of this item can also strengthen her successive attacks so that Natalia has more advantages when fighting mechanics with opponents.

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Natalia Roam Vs Natalia Sidelane, Which Is Better?

Natalia Roamer as Poke Hero

Natalia Roam vs Natalia Sidelane Natalia Push
Natalia Roam Is Chasing Enemies

Natalia roam vs Natalia sidelane if you look at the build they are similar. As a roamer, the writer believes that Natalia will poke more than kill.

This will suit players who are more "generous" and "informative" when pushing ranks. That is, Natalia will become a kind of team intelligence agent so she can be prepared to face and counter the opposing team's tactics with her role as a roamer.

Of course, in the late game Natalia roam will also help a lot with attacks. However, Natalia roam will more often provoke opponents to be ganked rather than killed immediately.

Therefore, Natalia roam vs Natalia sidelane has a different focus, especially from the flexibility of Natalia users playing as roamers.

Natalia Sidelaner For Split Push

Natalia Roam vs Natalia Sidelane Natalia poke
Natalia Sidelane Is Fighting Mechanics With Opponents

For Natalia roam vs Natalia sidelane, Natalia's sidelane will play more offensive and aggressive in the arena. He will also be more of a distraction for opponents in the mid to late game.

Players who prefer to play aggressively will be more inclined to build Natalia as a sidelaner because they will have more chances to kill.

However, Natalia sidelane must also be sensitive to the commands of her teammates when they need assists. The difference with Natalia roam, this build can make Natalia a hero who can wipe out opposing heroes during "war".

You see, Natalia sidelane has the advantage of farming gold or EXP faster so she can become stronger quickly compared to her teammates.

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Between Natalia roam vs Natalia sidelane, of course, is a polemic that is difficult to determine. But, it all comes back to you as a player who uses this assassin hero, Vicigers!

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