10 Best Roamer Heroes in Meta Season 23 ML, Confound Your Opponent's Defense!

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The best roamer hero in Mobile Legends season 23 will have a role to support the core hero in the team.

The support provided also varies, ranging from support buffs, assist kills, covers, or being a feeder so that the core heroes and other teammates can be safe from enemy attacks.

Of all these roles, the best roamer heroes for meta season 23 are dominated by healers and tankers, but there are also assassin and fighter heroes who can become offensive roamers.

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In the following, we will discuss the 10 best roamer heroes who can accompany carry heroes or do split push and become "bait" for opposing heroes. Some of them can even disrupt the opponent's formation and defense as well.

10 Best Roamer Heroes Season 23, Agile and Hard to Lose, Friends!


estes best roamer hero
Hero Estes

In first place, there is Estes who is the best roamer hero this meta season. Since being used by Blacklist International in the last M3 event, its popularity has skyrocketed.

Whereas before being used by OhMyV33nus, Estes was often the stepdaughter of hero support. This is because the players do not understand the gameplay.

Estes has the best healing abilities at the moment, because he can stick to the core heroes from the early game to the late game. Of course, Estes is also equipped with offensive skills.

Estes' offensive skills lie in his passive skills. Estes can stack up to 100 stacks of magic damage, and this will greatly increase his damage when he is roaming in the arena.

If you need healing skills, Estes can use skill 1 to heal which can also increase the physical attack of the hero that is the target of the heal. Ulti Estes can also include up to 4 teammates to heal and also add physical attacks.


hylos best roamer hero
Hero Hylos

This hero in the form of a Centaurus is also the best roamer hero in season 23 for the same reason as Estes. If Estes gives a lot of bonus damage, Hylos will give bonus movement speed to teammates.

Skills 1 and 2 Hylos when they hit the target will give a speed debuff effect. The additional effect of skill 1 can also stun the opponent so that he will make him lose the timing to escape.

Usually, skill 1 will be used to restrain the opponent's movements so that he can be ganked easily. Skill 2 Hylos also has a special additional effect.

By using skill 2, Hylos can reduce the opponent's attack speed and their speed. This skill 2 can be directly connected with Hylos' ulti so that the opponent's speed becomes even thinner.

If Hylos has started using his ulti, get ready to be on the path that Hylos is going through so that his teammates can get additional speed.

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tigreal's best roamer hero
Hero Tigreal

The next best roamer hero is Tigreal, which has been a mainstay for players since its inception.

Tigreal can be the best roamer hero because he has many CC skills such as stun and slow. Tigreal's passive skills can also make it difficult for opponents to kill.

Skill 1 Tigreal will often be used for opening attacks and is effectively spammed in the early game. However, it is Tigreal's skill 2 that is often used for CC.

Skill 2 Tigreal can create a stun effect, push the opponent and fly the opponent. This attack can be a good opportunity to start ganking against your opponent.

Tigreal's Ulti can also be used to stun, plus pulling opponents from their position. However, you can only use Tigreal's ult occasionally because it costs quite a lot.


edith's best roamer hero
Hero Edith

A newcomer to the Land of Dawn arena, Edith's popularity has made her the best roamer hero in season 23. The reason is that she can change roles in the arena from marksman to tank or vice versa.

Most players use Edith to enjoy her benefits as a tanker. When in Phylax (Edith's robot name), she has a fairly thick HP and it will be difficult for her opponent to kill her.

Both the marksman and tank versions, Edith has good CC skills. Skill 2 Edith in tank mode can throw the target and make it not move for a few moments.

The marksman skill 2 mode also has quite painful magic damage, coupled with a good CC effect so that the opponent is even more helpless.

The thing that is most GG about Edith is, when you build Edith with a tank item, she will have a thick HP even though she is already in marksman mode. This is the reason Edith often gets "banned" when ranked.

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ruby's best roamer hero
Hero Ruby

Hero Ruby has recently become the best roamer hero because of her passive skills which can increase her defense abilities and also lifesteal.

If you use Ruby for roaming, you have to do a lot of farming first in the jungle lane and EXP lane. You see, Ruby needs a supply of HP and defense to make it tougher.

Skills 1, 2 and Ruby's ultimate can all be used for lifesteal. But usually what is often used is skill 2 and Ruby ulti for DPS and lifesteal.

You also have to buy items that have a lifesteal effect so that their abilities get even better during the mid and late game. If you build Ruby properly, she will transform into a hard-to-beat hero even though her HP is running low.

When Ruby is ganked, you can use skills 1 and 2 for lifesteal. If you can escape ganking, quickly secure a position to get additional defense from his passive skills.


selena's best roamer hero

Selena's abilities have made her the best roamer hero in this 23 ML season. Selena's stack damage from skills 1 and 2 of her Elf mode can kill opponents with lightning.

Selena's famous combination of attacks is skill 1 and 2 of her Elf mode, then connected with skills 1 and 2 of her Abyss mode.

The trick that is often used is to aim at the opponent with "catfish" from a distance, then after collecting the Abyss Mark on the opponent, the user of Selena immediately uses the ulti and changes to his Abyss mode to slay the target.

Selena's movement speed is also quite good, so if she is being chased by an opponent, the chances of her escaping are high. Selena is the best roamer hero to strengthen team attacks.

He can also rotate quickly when he has to provide attack assists or kills. What is clear, you have to practice aiming at skill 2 first if you want to use this best roamer hero.

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Esmeralda's best roamer hero
Hero Esmeralda

Esmeralda's passive skill can strengthen her skill 1 so that she is also one of the best roamer heroes this season. Indeed, her abilities are not as good as the other GG tanks, but in the mid and late game, Esmeralda's abilities are getting stronger.

The killing machine of Esmeralda's hero is her ulti skill, which has quite a long range if it is charged first. Of course, when Esmeralda charges her ulti, she must be in a safe position from interrupting the opponent's attack.

What makes him good at being a roamer hero is his ability to increase movement speed and shield with his 1st skill. If she is fully upgraded, Esmeralda will be difficult to kill.

Besides her ultimate skills, Esmeralda can also give physical and magic damage through her 2 skills. But usually, players will tend to build Esmeralda with only magic damage items.


mathilda's best roamer hero
Hero Mathilda

Mathilda has also recently been named one of the best roamer heroes because of her ability to increase speed and provide shields for teammates.

Not only that, thanks to her passive skill Mathilda can also roam freely, because she gets additional magic damage and speed.

Skill 2 Mathilda can be used to provide a shield that has the capability of absorbing 70% attacks for teammates. Meanwhile, Mathilda's ulti can stun the opponent, provide a shield and push the opponent at the same time.

If you need versatile support, Mathilda can be the best roamer hero on your team. But of course, he also has to always rotate so that the support is given evenly.

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Khufra's best roamer hero
Hero Khufra

One of the best offensive roamer heroes, this version can confuse and wreck your opponent's formations. Khufra has a good enough blink skill to pass through various obstacles.

If he is surrounded, skill 1 can be used to escape to a safer area, and can pass through walls too. If you are not sure you can escape, just use skill 2 Khufra so that your opponent can be damaged when he is about to run away.

When Khufra's ulti can be used, he can also stun the opponent. The condition is that the target must hit the wall so that he can be hit by a stun effect.

His passive skill has a healing effect so Khufra can also be the best roamer hero and offlaner. Of course, he has to farm the buff first if he is going to become an offlaner.


the best roamer hero rafaela
Hero Rafaela

This best roamer hero is often used, especially if your team needs a real healer. Rafaela has roaming capabilities that have proven effective from the start of its release.

Rafaela's passive skill can make her mark the hero who killed her. Later, Rafaela will give twice as much damage to this hero.

The most popular of his attacks are his ulti and skill 2. Ulti Rafaela can stun opponents for 1.5 seconds while her 2nd skill is similar to Mathilda's skill because it can provide healing and movement speed.

If you use Rafaela, you have to roam frequently so she can distribute her 2nd skill effect to every teammate who needs it.

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The 10 best roamer heroes above can be very troublesome when combined with strong and shrewd core heroes. Guaranteed your team will be able to defeat many opposing heroes with lightning through the proper use of roamer heroes.

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