List of the most complete and newest Irithel skins for 2023

Skin Irithel

This time we will review the Irithel skin that you can find in the game Mobile Legends. The skin certainly has a cool appearance.

It's no wonder that many Mobile Legends players want cool skins from their favorite heroes. Because a cool skin will make us more confident when playing with the opposing team inside Land of Dawn.

Irithel, who is a Marksman hero, also has a number of skins. At least, there are already six skins from this hero who carries a tiger named Leo.

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Irithel Night Arrow

Irithel is an orphan who was raised by the God of Jungle, a female Smilodon.

Together with little Leo the Smilodon, Irithel learns to hunt, survive and grow like an animal.

During the battle for territory, Smilodon's mother was seriously injured.

Irithel and Leo then went to a city to ask for help. Unfortunately, they were caught by a slave owner.

They were saved by Nana before they were beaten to death.

Nana then helps Irithel to understand human language and fighting abilities while Leo grows into a strong adult Smilodon.

List of Updated Irithel Skins

You will find as many as six skins of this hero. If you are a user from Irithel, of course you already know this.

Here's the list:

Jungle Heart

Skin Irithel
Skin Jungle Heart. Source: Mobile Legends

Jungle Heart is the default skin that you will get when you buy Irithel. In this skin, Irithel has red hair that matches the color of her clothes and has a fur accent on one of her shoulders.

Leo himself has fur with two colors, namely black and white. To get skins Jungle Heart, you have to buy the hero Irithel at a price of 32000 battle points or the equivalent of 599 diamonds.

Silver Cyclones

Skin Irithel Silver Cyclone
Skin Silver Cyclone. Source: Mobile Legends

As the name implies, the appearance of Irithel and Leo in this skin is dominated by silver. Leo wears a golden accessory on his head with a blue gem in the middle.

To get this skin, you can buy it with 269 diamonds.


Hellfire Skins
Hellfire Skins. Source: Mobile Legends

Hellfire is one of Irithel's badass skins. The element of fire combined with Leo and Irithel looks very cool and fierce.

By buying this skin, you will get the Physical Attack attribute +8 with skill effect changes, the Fiery Hellrisen model, special display animations, and exclusive skill sound effects.

If you are interested in this epic skin, you have to spend quite a lot of money with 899 diamonds. It's quite expensive, however worth it very!

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Skin Irithel Nightarrow
Nightarrow skins. Source: Mobile Legends

Nightarrow is a special skin for Starlight Member 2018. Irithel has a purplish-white skin with a shining arrow while riding Leo.

No longer in the form of a tiger, Leo in the Nightarrow skin is now in the form of a cute gray cat. He has several heart-shaped accessories that are located around his neck and small wing details on the right and left legs.


Sagittarius skins. Source: Mobile Legends

Irithel is one of the heroes who gets a special zodiac skin. He represents the Sagittarius zodiac with purple hair, white and gold clothes, and carries an arrow that has a beautiful purple light bias.

Leo himself has a pretty cool look with jet black fur and two blue eyes that light up. Irithel's favorite pet is adorned with golden armor along its head to back, tip of tail and all four legs.

Like other skins, you will get an additional +8 Physical Attack attribute with display animations, changing effects, and the Sagittarius zodiac theme.

Astral Wanderer

Astral Wanderer
Skin Astral Wanderer. Source: Mobile Legends

Looking cool with a futuristic robot theme, you can only get this Epic skin in a limited event. In Astral Wanderer, Irithel and Leo have the appearance of a robot with yellow and silver domination.

By having this skin, you will get an additional +8 Physical Attack with a new scene appearance and voiceover skin changes.

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