ML Weekly Report, Lots of New Skin Leaks!

MLBB Weekly Report

This time we will provide weekly ML reports. We will continue the various discussions from the previous weekly report articles.

Talk about development MLBB never ending. As one of the most played mobile games in Southeast Asia, Moonton as a developer can not just "lazy".

To keep fans from getting bored easily, Moonton needs to provide various updates and developments.

It is this dynamic that makes MLBB interesting and widely played by various circles.

Now, with the rush of updates that are being made, of course it will be difficult if you have to follow everything intensely.

Well, now we are here to help you summarize various updated information every week!

Eits, do not underestimate! This information can really help you understand the existing meta so you can survive the rigors of the "ecosystem". Land of Dawn.

So, make sure to pay attention to the following points! Guaranteed, if you can use it all to the fullest, Mythical Glory not just a dream. Check it out!

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Latest Meta Developments Season 28

MetaSeason 28
Meta Season 28. Source: YouTube/Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Until this article was written, the duration of Season 28 itself had lasted more than half. You could say the existing meta hasn't changed too much. No hero has gained or lost his buff or 'shadow' yet.

Heroes like Melissa, Estes, Faramis, Arlott, Martis, Minsitthar, Atlas, and Joy, are still regular ban and pick heroes. They are all very difficult to counter so that their existence will be considered so overpowered.

While the trend setup used is also fairly stable. The mustard tank-emblem meta is still an effective strategy at high tiers (Mythic and above), followed by snowballing meta at medium-high tier (Legend – Mythic placement), as well as early hit meta for low tiers (Epic down).

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New Heroes

New Hero Novaria
New Hero Novaria. Source: YouTube/Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Based on the ML Weekly report, there will be several new skins and heroes that will also be released this May.

The newest mage who has been on the advance server "bench" for quite a while, finally managed to "graduate" and go down to the original server. The normal skin entitled 'Dark Star' was also launched at the same time.

When viewed from the mechanics it carries, this hero is a combination of Xavier and Faramis. He has burst characteristic skills with a very wide area of effect.

Apart from that, he can also change to morphing mode: giving him the ability to penetrate rocks.

But the arrival of Novaria also adds to the long list of heroes who can "break the fourth wall", like Ling, Yin, Pharsa, Moskov, Barats, and others.

How come? Novaria has the ability to manipulate the hitboxes of enemy heroes.

Hitbox, is an in-game element that is used to determine the 'size' of an object where an attack can be considered as hitting.

For example, a big tank hero will have a bigger hitbox, compared to a smaller mage hitbox.

So far, the context of hitboxes has never been introduced by Moonton, and the only hero that has been "experimented" is Barats, who can expand (the bigger his body, the bigger his hitbox).

Of course this can provide a new touch and addition to the Land of Dawn meta in the future.

Novaria, which can fatten up enemy hitboxes, also opens up opportunities for future heroes who can counter the hero: having the ability to streamline hitboxes.

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New Skins

New Skins Season 28
New Skin Season 28. Source: YouTube/Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Apart from heroes, later there will also be several skins that will be present. There are those that have been released in May Gloo – Jellyman (Special); Moscow – Violet Spear (Starlight) and Spear of Dystophia (Painted); and Clint – Crimson Blast (Collector).

Apart from the skins that were released on the original server, there will be several others that are still “stuck” on the advance server: Argus – Cataclysm (Epic), Atlas – Rune Sentinel (MSC 2023), Aamon – *Unnamed (Collector), Faramis –* Unnamed (Elite), Paquito – *Unnamed (Epic), and many more.

Keep in mind that the advance server skins above are not yet 100% fixed. There is still a high probability that they will not penetrate the advanced server filtering nets.

So, let's wait for the skin that has successfully appeared on the original server by Moonton.

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