Mythic Glory in Season 28, how many stars do you need?

Mythic Glory

Not long ago Mythic Glory got an update. After more or less four years, star traders are enjoying a system that was so-so, now Moonton provide updates that more or less affect the habitat of the 'pink dragon'.

Yes, Glory tier (but no Epic) has a schema that changes quite drastically. Of course after all this time, this is a pretty refreshing update. So far, the response and reception has been quite good.

Many players feel that this scheme is worth maintaining. Some people feel that the current scheme makes more sense to maintain than the old one.

It considers many aspects and elements in it.

So, for those who don't understand the latest scheme, let's follow the discussion below. Various updates related to Mythical Glory will be presented so that Vicigers can understand the difference.

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Latest Update Mythic Glory patch note 1.7.82

Tier Update
Tier Update. Source: VCGamers

This Mythic Glory update coincides with the latest patch update that was just released on May 15, 2023 yesterday.

This update occurs in the middle of the season, along with the release of the new hero Novaria.

Apart from that, some details of this update can be seen in patch notes 1.7.82.

The theme of this patch is "thickening" the roles of core fighters and tanks in the meta.

This is done by slightly minimizing the gain that can be obtained on the gold lane. That way, it's official that the patch is now “bait” into a hit meta fighter and a 'mustard' tank.

So do not be surprised if the changes presented will revolve around this theme. Some items that match the barbarian and crash meta, such as the War Ax, are buffed.

Meanwhile, thick counter hero items, such as the Demon Hunter Sword (DHS), were nerfed.

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Mythic Glory in New Season

Mythic Glory Season 28
Mythic Glory Season 28. Source: VCGamers

For this new Mythic Glory scheme, it will abolish the point system that has been going on for years.

Moonton as the developer returned the calculation system at the Mythic tier and above to become a star. Yes, every ranked match will risk star ownership.

And the calculations don't change much. Mythic Tier will start after surpassing Legend 1, and the star requirement has not changed.

After reaching Mythic, the grading system is still enforced. The difference is, the current grading will not get any more points.

In grading, 10 matches will still be found. The first 4 wins will be rewarded with 2 stars, while the remaining 6 will be rewarded with 1 star as usual. A total of 14 stars can be collected from there.

If the Vicigers manage to collect up to 25 stars, the next tier can also be achieved, namely Mythical Honor. Then what about Mythic Glory?

For this tier, an additional 25 stars from Mythical Honor are required, so a total of 50 stars is needed to reach it.

It can be said that this number is less than the point system that was previously used. This means that the number of wins needed to reach these tiers has also become more stable, namely 50x.

Of course this becomes a relief for many parties. Not only is it a blessing in itself for jockeys who are looking for income from there, but all players as a whole also feel the sweet impact.

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Mythical Gift

Mythic Glory Prize
Mythic Glory Prize. Source: VCGamers

Apart from that, to appreciate the star bosses more, Moonton also presents more rewards that can emphasize their achievements.

These prizes can only be obtained if they are able to reach certain achievement points.

That way, residents of the Mythic tier can experience various gifts that players on other tiers might not be able to experience.

Some of these include the display of business cards, profile backgrounds, and exclusive skins for Mythic subscriptions.

All of these appearances can more or less become a separate identity for account owners who are always entrenched in the 'pink dragon' habitat.

In the future, people will understand more and more that these seasoned Mythics are not to be trifled with!

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So, that's the discussion about the latest Mythic Glory tier system. So what about you? Do you like these various updates? Ready to get to Mythic?

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