Recommended Hero Counter Brody in Season 28 MLBB

Counter Hero Brody

Knowing Brody's mechanics (skills) and counter heroes is very important for MLBB players, especially since this Marksman hero is considered a popular pick in the world. season 28.

The presence of this hero in the game is very high. According to the latest data from the official MLBB website on May 27, 2023, Brody being the 9th most popular hero selected in the level legends

He also has a large winning percentage of 51.06 percent. However, Brody's popularity is matched by his ban percentage. He is not included in the list of the 30 most banned heroes in one level. 

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List of Hero Counter Brody Season 28 MLBB

You need a hero counter Brody who is damaged in season 28 as an entry for the team when your opponent chooses The Lone Star.


Ling – MLBB. Source: VCGamers.

Ling is a hero Assassins anything else that could get Brody into trouble. Using his various mobility abilities, he can quickly move around and defeat the Lone Stars with ease.

His first skill, Finch Poise, is great for escaping from team fights, especially when Brody's stack is full, so his Ripped Defense can't hit you. 

Back then, when Brody had calmed down, Ling was able to quickly return to the fight by advancing Finch Poise and combining it with his second skill, Defiant Sword, to destroy him.

If that's not enough, Ling's ultimate, Tempest of Blades can be called a killer because it can be used very quickly, making it difficult for Brody to collect packs. 


Claude – MLBB. Source: VCGamers.

Claude is Marksman a strong one who can finish off almost any enemy when he gets his base. Apart from that, his movement ability through the second skill, Battle Mirror Image, can also be a powerful weapon for Brody.

Claude being one of the strongest heroes in this game is the Battle Image Mirror combo and the ultimate, Blazing Duet.

In addition, strength can be the main weapon that makes things difficult for Brody. When Claude fights using his ultimate, Brody's chance to stop you with Corrosive Strike gives him a critical effect and increases his stack.

However, this wasn't something Claude should be afraid of. When this happens, Claude can teleport or change positions with Dexter for high damage. Besides being able to get out of a team fight, this skill can also dispel Brody's Torn Memory.


Aldou, Brody's Counter Hero
Aldous – MLBB. Source: Mobile Legends.

Brody's third counter hero is Aldous, Brody at the end of the game is useless for this hero who fights with his greatest abilities causing Brody to die instantly.

Aldous is very strong, has a collection ability that you can collect up to 500 collections and can defeat his enemy with one attack, this hero also has a shield that can protect him from attacks.

Aldous is also a destroyer hero in Mobile Legends. His first skill can destroy the turret in just two attacks.

He is a hero that the author thinks is easy to use because he doesn't have complicated technical functions. But that makes a lot of mistakes for novice players who use 3 skills and play when mastery of 1 skill is not high.

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Kagura, Hayabusa Hero Counter Brody
Hayabusa – MLBB. Source: Mobile Legends.

Hayabusa is not an easy hero to learn and master, but his skills can be difficult for many MMs, including Brody.

Hayabusa could use Ougi Ultimate: Shadow Kill to destroy Brody without giving him a chance to retaliate, let alone get his pass collection. In a 1v1 situation, this Assassin hero can kill heroes with low HP like Brody.

In a 1v1 situation, you can use his second skill, Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow, to quickly approach him. Once you're at a sufficient distance, you can immediately take full advantage of Brody.

Even though doing this makes Brody's HP full, the skill combination is enough to finish off his HP. So it's recommended to do this combo when Brody's HP is below 50 percent and when you can't activate Wind of Nature.

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