How to Use the Elden Ring Arc Rune, Take Note!

Elden Ring Arc runes

Every player will most likely come across an Arc Rune Elden Rings since the beginning when playing this game. But maybe the confusion is currently using it.

Arc Elden Ring runes can provide small buffs such as MOBILE PHONE. In addition, the use of this Arc is temporary and not good for rare items.

Rune Arcs are items that will buff the characters used.

The actual use of Arc Runes is more powerful if you can use them properly.

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Functions of Rune Arcs

great runes elden ring
Elden Ring runes. Source: VCGamers.

Rune Arcs are a resource used to power the Great Rune in Elden Rings.

Meanwhile, for those who don't know, Rune Great is a key item that you will receive every time you defeat Demigod, the game's key boss.

This item is very strong because when activated it will give players various buffs.

The first thing you will likely receive in the game is Godrick's Great Rune, after defeating the lord of Storm Veil Castle. 

This rune will increase all attributes when used. However, using the Great Rune will consume one Rune Arcs. 

This is why Rune Arcs are such a vital resource, they give power to the Great Rune which strengthens the character.

Collecting Arc Runes in the Elden Ring is an important task. There are several ways to do this. First, you can be found in the world. 

For some reason, Rune Arcs could potentially drop when killing mice. There might be some lore reasons for this, but it seems that many rats from the Lands Between have obtained these precious items. 

Find a decent source of rats, usually somewhere dark and gloomy, and raise them to get Rune Arcs.

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How to Use the Elden Ring Arc Runes 

Elden Ring Arc runes
Elden Ring Arc runes. Source: Youtube/The Codebreak.

Runes Arcs Elden Ring can be compared to Dark Souls 3 which players can find during the game. Both provide buffs that players only save until they die. 

Once they regenerate, buffs from before will be reclaimed with new items. The main difference is that the Arc is associated with the activation of the Great Rune, which is a huge bonus from the leader's bounty.

Here are some simple steps to use Arc and Runes in game; 

  1. First you have to get the Great Rune by defeating gods like Godrick. The Great Rune is inactive and must be activated by visiting the Divine Tower that corresponds to the rune. 
  2. After clearing the Divine Tower, you can equip one rune at a time by visiting the Lost Site. 
  3. Greater Runes can be used, but activation of Arc Runes is required to take advantage of them. 
  4. Done.

An example of using these Runes would be an increase in all stats in general, but usage of Arc is required. If a player dies, you have to use Arc Runes to get something.

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How to Find Arc Runes 

Functions of Rune Arcs
Locations of Rune Arcs. Source: Youtube/Game Guides.

It turns out that just activating the Great Rune is not enough, because to get the real benefits, namely the negative effects of these runes, you also need something called Rune Arc. 

Arc runes themselves are runes that are rare but can still be found. But that doesn't mean you can't.

The way to find it is by looting. Meanwhile, the easiest way is to get it from the seller at Roundtable Hold and from Liurnia which is a lake.

There are many ways to find this Arc food. Most of the time, they can be found by simply searching or checking a box. Also, customers like the twins around the Round Table will have some in your inventory for you to get.

On rare occasions, you can kill for a chance to get this arc. However, a lot of farming work will be required for this system to work. In general, finding some to use should be fast in the game.

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