Elden Ring Weapon Recommendations for Late Game

The Elden Ring weapon that you can use in the late game is the Greatsword with a samurai class that will help you win in the endgame.
Elden Ring Strategy
Elden Ring Strategy. Source: Youtube/Gameplay Only.

There are various weapons Elden Rings for late games that you can use. These weapons are very powerful and scale very well when upgraded to their highest level.

Late game weapons are not only good in terms of physical damage, but have some very good passive skills.

One of the best things about this weapon is that you can get it early in the game and start working out the stats needed at level 1 itself.

It's important to note that just because this weapon is good doesn't mean that the Elden Ring weapon that the author mentions is the only option.

There are also other weapons that will work just as well. Elden Ring doesn't force players to use anything special at all.

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Elden Ring weapons for the Late Game

If you don't know what are the best Elden Ring weapons that can be used when late game, please refer to the explanation below as quoted from Sportskeeda.

Bloodhound Fang 

Bloodhound Fang 
Bloodhound Fang – Elden Ring. Source: Youtube/ChaseThe Bro.

The Bloodhound Fang is definitely one of the best Elden Ring weapons that players can consider using in the game. 

In addition, the weapon has a blood level effect as a negative, which is one of the strongest skills in the game, a glimpse of the boss. 

Finally, the physical damage from this weapon is also very good so that it becomes a very powerful weapon for players to use.

Golden Halberd 

Golden Halberd 
Golden Halberd – Elden Ring. Source: Youtube/Lost.

The spears in this game aren't that great, but the golden spears are something else. This weapon is not only good, but also a monster. 

The Golden Halberd can attack like an absolute truck and the damage it deals is almost unfair to bosses.

Weapons have a nice stunner and few weapons in the game can come close to their power.

Glintstone Daybreak staff

Glintstone Daybreak staff
Lusat Glintstone Staff – Elden Ring. Source: Youtube/Nixons Game Guide.

Players who want to become a Magic that can bring any captain in the game must accept Lusat Glltone. First of all, the cutting of this weapon is absolutely insane. 

Second, guns deal more damage per unit, which is especially useful against tank bosses.

Finally, the weapon gains a 413 once players raise their intelligence past 80, which is a high number.


Uchigatana – Elden Ring. Source: Youtube/ChaseTheBro.

Just because the Uchigatana is defeated during the game doesn't mean there isn't reason to believe it is a bad weapon. It's probably one of the most reliable weapons to reach the late game.

Although the weapon has a bleeding effect as a pedestrian, it is very fast. There is a good war powder to mix in, makes it stronger.

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Elden Ring weapon
Greatswords Elden Ring. Source: eldenring-wiki-fextralife.com

Lastly, if players play the Samurai class, they can equip two weapons, which are among the most damaged weapon types currently available in the game. 

The final weapon on this list is none other than the holy grail of all gaming powers, the Greatsword. Even though there were other powerful weapons such as the Starscourge Greatsword and the Black Maliketh Sword, they all lacked the power of these weapons. 

Besides having a high range, this weapon has quite severe physical damage. This weapon doesn't take much thought to use, as only a great weapon can melt a boss in any situation. 

The Greatsword is a new Elden Ring weapon that veterans will love and should consider using as part of a power up or late game build.

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