Complete Row of Tigreal Skins 2023

Skin Tigreal 2023

Tigreal is one of the heroes Mobile Legends first released in 2016. This hero from the Moniyan Empire has a role as tank. Until now there are 7 Tigreal skins launched by Moontoon.

Among the six skins, the Gold Baron is the most popular among fans because of its luxurious and cool design. Let's look at the other Tigreal skins in the list below.

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Complete Tigreal Skin List for 2023

This hero has a cool skin and makes you look even more handsome while in the game.

For more details, here is the list:

Warriors of Dawn

Tigreal Warrior of Dawn
Tigreal Warrior of Dawn. Source: Mobile Legends

Warrior of Dawn is the default skin that you will get when you buy this hero. The golden color on his armor, shield and mace looked very fierce. With just the default skin, this tank already looks dashing.

Dark Guardians

Dark Guardians
Tigreal With Skin Dark Guardian. Source: Mobile Legends

The Dark Guardian skin is dominated by a darker color than the default skin. Dark Guardian provides additional attributes in the form of Max HP +100.

You can buy this elite skin for 399 diamonds or exchange it for 70 fragments.

Fallen Guard

Fallen Guard
Tigreal With Fallen Guard Skin. Source: Mobile Legends

Fallen Guard is the only skin where Tigreal uses a mask to cover his face. With the dashing Demon Guard model, this skin provides an additional attribute of Max HP +100 with a new skill effect animation and color.

You can get a skin with this fire animation effect for 599 diamonds.


Wyrmslayer skins
Tigreal With Skin Wyrmslayer. Source: Mobile Legends

With the look of a viking warrior, Wyrmslayer is one of the most popular skins for Mobile Legends fans.

The combination of the dark red color with the cape of animal hair on his back makes this skin attractive and cool.

For those of you who have been playing Mobile Legends since the first season, this Wyrmslayer skin is sure to be perched in your collection.

Yes, the Wyrmslayer skin was a gift for Mobile Legends game players in season 10.

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Lightborn – Defender

Skin Tigreal - Lightborn Defender
Tigreal With Skin Lightborn Defender. Source: Mobile Legends

Moonton had launched a special skin for squad heroes Mobile Legends, one of which is Lightborn Defender. This squad has members Tigreal, Alucard, Granger, Harrith, and Fanny.

The Lightborn Defender skin has an armor color combination of silver and gold which makes it look very shining. The wings that Tigreal has also look more elegant. This skin also has new voice-overs, animations, and scene views.

Get ready to issue 1089 diamonds or the equivalent of Rp. 450,000 if you like the look of this skin. The price is expensive, but very worth it!

Gold Baron

Gold Baron
Tigreal With Skin Gold Baron. Source: Mobile Legends

As the name suggests, the Gold Baron skin gives off auras rich man elegant. Tigreal here looks much younger than the others.

A neat look with gold gloves, watches, shirts and modern shoes makes it look very fresh.

Not to forget, his red and white robe that looks like a king makes the Gold Baron jealous of anyone who sees it.

You can get this special skin for 749 diamonds, yes, it's cheaper than the Lightborn Defender but no less cool!

Galactic Marshal

Skin Tigreal - Galactic Marshal
Tigreal With Galactic Marshal Skin. Source: Mobile Legends

The last skin on this list is Galactic Marshal. With a futuristic and robotic appearance, Tigreal looks very much like a modern superhero.

Galactic Marshal is a skin released for Starlight Member in June 2022.

So, that's a brief review of the most complete Tigreal skin for 2023.

If you suddenly got a diamond giveaway, which skin would you choose?

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To have this skin, you need Diamond Mobile Legends.

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