Story and Skin Mathilda Most Updated 2023

Mathilda skins

Mathilda is one heroes latest launched by Moonton. Skins Mathilda is still relatively small, namely only 4 skins.

This article will briefly discuss Mathilda's profile along with a list of the most updated skins. Anything? Take a peek in full below.

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Mathilda's story

Mathilda's profile
Mathilda. Source: Mobile Legends

Mathilda is a member of a tribe living in the Western Desert, an arid land facing a mountain.

This ancient tribe protected the sacred mountains for generations.

Mathilda's father, Tasgard is the leader of this tribe. Under her tutelage, Mathilda grows into a brave, decisive and responsible girl.

One day the peace of this tribe is disrupted when they help a group of Sand Hunters from Los Pecados.

Betraying their kindness, members of the Iceberg Sand Hunter led by Waldo Kane, the most powerful boss in Los Pecados, attacked this tribe.

They tried to seize the sacred mountains and ended with the wounding of Thasgard the tribal leader.

Feeling the loss of their leader and being given an ultimatum to leave the place, many of the tribe members chose to leave.

Little Mathilda tried to prevent them from leaving, but the tribesmen didn't budge.

Disillusioned he then left his tribe and started a journey west to find people who could help his tribe.

On her way to a small town near Los Pecados, Mathilda gets into a fight with bandits.

Suddenly a cowboy appears against the bandits and takes them away.

The cowboy is Clint, an old cowboy who wants to get revenge on Blandy.

Hearing what happened to Mathilda's tribe, Clint decided to help her.

In the fight to protect her country, Mathilda forms relationships with Clint, Claude and others.

Blandy was finally defeated and peace returned to normal.

Thus, Mathilda obtains a mysterious power from the sacred mountains and decides to leave her village to travel with Clint, helping those who are waiting for justice.

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List of Mathilda Skins 2023

There are a number of Mathilda skins to date. You can have some of these skins to use in the game.

So that you are not curious, here is the list:

Swift Plumes

Mathilda skins
Mathilda with Swift Plume skin. Source: Mobile Legends

Swift Plume is the default skin that you will get when buying this hero. He wears the typical clothing of his tribe with a brown bandanna with light patterns on his head.

To get this skin, you can immediately buy the Mathilda hero for 32,000 battle points or the equivalent of 599 diamonds.

Unrestrained Delight

Mathilda skins
Mathilda with Unrestrained Delight skin. Source: Mobile Legends

Similar to the previous skin design, Unrestrained Delight has a brighter design with a light green color that dominates.

You can have this skin with just 269 diamonds and you will get an additional Magic Power attribute of +8.

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Floral Crown

Floral Crown
Mathilda with the Floral Crown skin. Source: Mobile Legends

The Floral Crown comes with a beautiful flower fairy design. The costume that Mathilda uses in this skin has a blend of green and peach colors with floral accents on the chest. As her name suggests, Mathilda wears a crown of flowers on her head.

Flower accents can also be seen decorating her legs beautifully. Mathilda's cane was also replaced with a large flower.

By having this skin, you will get the latest display animation, redesigned skill visual effects, and an additional +8 Magic Power attribute.

Unfortunately, Mathilda's elite skin is only available for limited events.

Dream Grooves

Dream Grooves
Mathilda with Dream Groove skin. Source: Mobile Legends

Mathilda's newest skin on this list is Dream Groove. Dream Groove is an MPL exclusive skin where you will get additional Magic Power attributes with display animations and new skill effect changes.

Appearing in a futuristic costume in blue and white and pink hair, Dream Groove manages to attract attention the first time we see it.

For those of you who want this exclusive skin, you can get it by exchanging 749 diamonds.

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That's a brief profile and the most complete line up of Mathilda's skins. Which of the four skins above will be on your wishlist?

You can have Mathilda's skin by using Diamond Mobile Legends.

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