5 Advantages of Mathilda's Hero in Mobile Legends, OP!

Mathilda is a support hero as well as a very OP assassin in the Land of Dawn. He has a very deadly skill.

If you want to buy or use this OP hero, then you really need to know the 5 advantages of Mathilda's hero Mobile Legends 2022.

Mathilda is one of the deadliest heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero has been a regular tire since it was first released in 2020. She is very ferocious, this hero has everything she needs to kill and kill her opponent's heroes.

For those who are not interested in using this hero, here are five advantages of Mathilda's hero that you should know. Guaranteed immediate interest!

List of Strengths of Hero Mathilda MLBB

Has Great Damage


The first advantage of Mathilda's hero is that the menu has a lot of damage in the early game, which allows her to kill enemy heroes and place them quickly in the early game.

The first reason he does great damage in the early game is because the hero has magic-type damage, so his damage in the early game can no longer be prevented.

The last reason for causing a lot of damage early in the game is its passive skill (Soul Bloom). This skill increases its base attack damage by 135 (+100 percent total – physical attack) (+100 percent total magic power) at full stack.

Apart from that, he also had the ultimate skill – Circling Eagle. When used, it will fly around the target (enemy hero). At the same time, drops will attack enemy heroes. Combined with Soul Bloom, this combination is guaranteed to be a separate kill, which is a tricky thing in Hero Support.

Good Mobility


The second advantage possessed by the hero Mathilda is high resistance, which makes Mathilda difficult to kill in battle.

Skill two (Wind Swirl) and skill three (Circular Eagle) are skills that make their strength very high. The second skill, namely (Guiding Wind), when used will provide a shield that can absorb 500 damage (+180 percent of total magic power) and the third skill, namely (Circling Eagle) will also provide a shield that can absorb 600 damage. (+160 percent of total magic power).

Armed with good mobility, he can hide very quickly to protect the Hero Core which is in a dangerous position. He usually relied on Leading Wind to fly Hero Cores quickly to Mathilda.

Additionally, he can be accompanied by a Hero Core, which chases enemy heroes. He assists the Hero Core with long moves to reach the enemy heroes trying to escape from the battle.

Normally, he can activate the Circling Eagle skill to fly the hero directly towards the enemy and quickly chase them.

Can Give Flicker to the Team


He is a support that relies heavily on movement speed to help Hero Core in battle.

With Passive Skill - Ancestral Guidance can increase his speed to attack enemies when his stack is full. The increase in movement speed is also very large, which is equal to 50 percent in 2.5 seconds.

As well as increasing your mobility for you, she can also help your teammates get faster. As a support, he is gifted with good skills. In use, teammates in a circle have the ability to lead the wind.

When used, teammates can fly to him and gain an additional 30 percent movement speed in 2.5 seconds. The concept is similar to flicker, but has a certain direction. Of course, this skill can be very useful in helping Hero Core start a fight or run away at a critical moment.

He Has Invincible Skill


Invincible abilities are abilities that make heroes invulnerable and unaffected by CC. He gained invincibility from the last skill – Circling Eagle. When flying around the enemy hero, he can attack the enemy by wiping freely without worrying about the CC effect.

Being a support and assassin helps Mathilda invincible to live longer. Invincible ultimate skill - Circling Eagle is also effective for preventing high explosive damage.

This way, you can easily gain enemy time in battle. But he must be careful. Because the highest skill mechanism - Circling Eagle makes it close to the opponent. The enemy hero might repeat his attack the next time he steps on the ground.

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Short Skill Cooldowns


She is a support/killer heroine who relies heavily on the use of combat skills. By maximizing the use of skills, his performance in battle can increase significantly.

Luckily, the skill had a short cool down time and mana usage was also minimal. This means that Mathilda can always use her skills in different combat conditions as needed.

Due to the short cooldown time and low mana consumption, she has long continuity during battle. He can attack enemies with the ability, Soul Bloom.

So Mathilda can always rely on her ability to lead the Wind so she can attack or escape enemy traps. Lastly, he can also rely on Circling Eagle to start or chase enemies who keep trying to escape, because the cool down time is only 38 seconds.

Overall, she is a strong support heroine. His great damage and good support skills are expected to allow him to enter the meta-ranking.

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