Listen! Natalia's Emblem for Kidnapping Opposing Heroes in 2022!

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Variation of Natalia's emblem as one of the assassin heroes which is included in meta in season 23 Mobile Legends These are very diverse, starting from the pure assassin version of the Natalia emblem build to support.

However, it would be a shame if Natalia, who has the ability to split push, was built with a less offensive emblem. Moreover, Natalia can slay opponents with her ultimate skills.

Apart from that, Natalia is also one of the heroes whose performance is quite stable from the early to the late game. He can even create First Blood with skill 1 and his basic attack.

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In the following, the author will share how to build the Natalia emblem to kidnap the opponent's hero according to his role, namely assassin. There is also an option to build Natalia with a physical emblem for those of you whose player level is not yet 30.

Emblem Natalia Custom Assassin Version

Natalia's emblem using a custom assassin can make her build as a sideliner that can roam and occasionally assist mid lane. Natalia's sidelaner is also free to be placed anywhere, either in EXP Lane or Gold Lane depending on needs.

On this occasion, Natalia's build, which can kidnap opponents, means that she will rely on her abilities as a split push hero.

That is, Natalia can be a hero who pushes independently through the sidelane (Gold or EXP Lane) without having to rely on support.

Reported from the YouTube channel Lexy YT, Natalia will be able to "kidnap" opponents in the sidelane if built with a custom assassin emblem.

emblem natalia custom assassin 1
Natalia Emblem With Custom Assassin Level 60

First of all, of course, you must have unlocked the custom assassin emblem at player level 10. However, you must be at least level 45 for all of these talent emblems to be unlocked.

The emblem build this time is assumed to be when you are at level 45 or more and have unlocked all the custom assassin talents.

Next, you will distribute talent points which are marked with 3 points for Sub-Talent, then 1 point for main Talent.

emblem natalia custom assassin 2
Set Sub-Talent Agility 3 Points

Natalia's build as a sidelaner will be more accurate if you set 3 points for Sub-Talent Agility (far right of the first row). The reason is, Natalia will roam a lot and occasionally rotate to "enliven" the war or to distract opponents.

With Agility at these 3 points too, Natalia becomes even more agile, especially when she has to poke a lot and avoid being chased by heroes with burst damage.

emblem natalia custom assassin 3
Sub-Talent Invasion Set 3 Points

After that, set Natalia's emblem with Sub-Talent Invasion for 3 points. Besides Natalia being agile with Agility, she will also have physical damage that can damage her target's physical defense.

This is quite helpful for spam skill 1 and Natalia's basic attack, especially in her "disappeared" mode. Natalia's build for kidnapping opponents also becomes more effective because she has additional physical penetration and bonus damage from her ulti.

Of course, you have more chances to kill your opponent with a combination of ultimate skill, skill 1 and Natalia's basic attack. As a sidelaner, he will definitely be farming a lot of EXP or Gold quickly.

emblem natalia custom assassin 4
Main Talent Set High And Dry

For Natalia's main Talent set (bottom) as a sidelaner, "kidnapping" your opponent or split push, choose Talent High And Dry. This talent gives 6% bonus damage when dueling with opposing heroes.

The main focus of this build is to be able to separate yourself from your teammates and invite opposing sidelaner mechanics to fight. This means that Natalia will be involved in a lot of one-on-one duels with opponents.

emblem natalia custom assassin 5
Killing Spree Ultimate Talent Set

However, if you want Natalia's emblem set, which rotates faster and kills a lot, then choose Talent Killing Spree.

With this Talent Killing Spree, every time Natalia kills an opponent's hero, there will be a bonus of 15% HP and a speed of 20% for just 5 seconds.

This is suitable for Natalia's build which is more "enlivening" and "kidnapping" opponents by creating lots of kills. For sure, Natalia will be more offensive with this Talent.

Of course, you can only use this build when your player level is 45 or more. If your player level is below that, there is a special option for an offensive Natalia build with a physical emblem.

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Build Emblem Natalia Physical Emblem Version

Natalia emblem builds with physical emblems can also be used to produce an offensive Natalia. You see, Natalia has good physical attack abilities from the start of the match.

Still reported from the YouTube channel Lexy YT, some things that need to be considered when building the Natalia emblem with this physical emblem must focus on adding its physical attack.

Natalia emblem with physical 1
Set Sub-Talent Vitality 3 Points

The first step, allocate 3 Sub-Talent points entirely in Vitality. With these 3 Vitality points, Natalia has a pretty good HP in the early game. The point is that Natalia can still be good at the sidelane and be able to kidnap and split push.

Emblem Natalia With Physical 2
Set Sub-Talent Bravery 3 Points

Next, allocate three points altogether to Sub-Talent Bravery. Natalia will get an additional 12 points for her physical attack, and will increase according to her level in the arena.

By allocating 3 points for this Bravery as well, Natalia has more chances to create kills for those of you who like to slaughter opponents.

Emblem Natalia With Physical 3
Open Fire Ultimate Talent Set

Finally, choose the main Open Fire Talent so that Natalia has an additional bonus of physical damage of up to 5%. This of course really helps Natalia to kill opponents with lightning.

With this physical emblem, Natalia's Emblem build as a sidelaner, of course, can still do her job of split pushing, slaying opponents or roaming. Make sure to always use a combination of ultimate skills, skill 1 and his basic attack so he can stay agile in the arena.

For more details, please watch a special video from the Lexy YT YouTube channel to build the sidelane version of the Natalia emblem with custom assassins and physical.

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Natalia is one of the assassin heroes who until season 23 is still often used for push ranks. With this Natalia emblem build, of course you will maximize her skills as a hero who can kidnap opposing heroes and kill them in silence.

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