Valorant Agent Recommendations Must Be Opened, Beginners Must Read!

Valorant has various agents with unique abilities, which you can choose according to your playing style.
Valorant Agent Recommendations for Beginners
Valorant Agent Recommendations for Beginners. Source: VCGamers

Valorant are games First Person Shooter (FPS) tactical developed by Riot Games. Valorant has various agents with unique abilities, you can choose a character that suits your playing style.

For beginners, selecting an agent in Valorant is a difficult thing to do, because it will greatly influence the playing style for each match and can cause defeat for the team due to a lack of skill in playing each agent used.

Therefore, we will recommend agents Valorant which is suitable for beginners to open so you don't regret opening it Kingdom Credit which was painstakingly collected.

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Agent Fade

Agent Fade. Source: Valorant Wiki

Fade is an agent who has the Initiator role, so Fade will be very useful for the team as scanners to find out where the enemy is.

Apart from that, Agent Fade is very easy to use for beginners because beginners can use it skills Fade is "Haunt" by throwing skills into the enemy area to track the enemy's position.

skills "Prowler" can find out where the enemy is when you want to enter the area site to attack, temporarily skills ultimate Fade can find out the location of all opponents and when the enemy is hit skills The opponent's hearing will be impaired for a few moments.

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Agent Gekko

Agent Gekko
Agent Gekko. Source: Valorant Wiki

Gekko is a very useful agent for the team because he has the role of Initiator like Fade. However, Agent Gekko has gameplay which is very different from agents who have the Initiator role. Gekko will rely on "Dizzy" to find out the opponent's position by looking at the direction Dizzy throws the liquid.

Besides that, skills which is easy for beginners to use is "Wingman" where this skill can create a creature called "Wingman" to carry spikes and perform planting, so that agents can focus on fighting without caring about the player who is doing it planting.

skills The ultimate "Thrash" can be used by Gekko to stop your opponent's movements, so you can kill your opponent easily without having to rely on aiming accuracy.

However, to use this ultimate you must first know the enemy's position so that you can easily launch the attack without having to look for the enemy when using the ultimate.

Agent Deadlock

Agent Deadlock
Agent Deadlock. Source: Valorant Wiki

Deadlock is an agent whose role is as a Sentinel and this agent is very suitable for defending against enemy attacks.

You can use this agent easily, because Deadlock itself has it gameplay which is very relaxing.

skills "Sonic Sensor" when the enemy makes a sound when passing through the sensor will cause shocks in the area and cause the enemy to experience slow movement.

skills “Barrier Mesh” will be very useful when enemies enter the area site, when using skills The Deadlock will issue a barrier to block the enemy's path through.

skills It is very easy to use without having to rely on skills and we are sure that beginners will be able to use it straight away skills in two or three tries.

Apart from that, you as a beginner can use it skills ultimate "Annihilation", this skill can kill an opponent without having to fight the enemy.

You can easily direct the ultimate towards the opponent's position, then launch the attack towards the enemy which will automatically envelop the enemy like a cocoon and you just have to wait for the enemy to be killed by itself.

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Agent Cypher

Agent Cypher
Agent Cypher. Source: Valorant Wiki

Cypher is an agent whose role is as a Sentinel. You can use this agent like other Sentinel agents who only rely on placing traps on enemies.

Cypher has gameplay which is very relaxing so it can be used by beginners who are just trying out the agent.

skills "Spycam" can see enemies through the camera used by Cypher and the camera can provide markers to the enemy.

skills "Trapwire" is a trap used by Cypher to identify enemies. When the enemy passes through the trap, they will experience obstacles in their movement, so you can kill the enemy easily without having to put up fierce resistance.

The ultimate used by Cypher is very easy for beginners to use, besides that skills This will help the team to know the opponent's position accurately.

Using this ultimate is quite easy, you just have to look for dead opposing players and use that death for the ultimate Cypher, then the ultimate will automatically search for the enemy team accurately throughout the map.

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That's a discussion about Valorant agents that must be opened for beginners, hopefully it can help you in the difficulty of choosing an agent as a new Valorant player.

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