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Hello Vicigers, do you know how to play games? Lethal Company You can buy some tools and upgrade your ship to be better, you know.

In this article we will discuss all the tools and ship upgrades that you can get in the game Lethal Company so that your playing experience becomes more exciting and challenging.

Come on, take a look at the following discussion!

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Explanation and Use of Tools

Shovel Tool for Attacking Monsters
Shovel Tool for Attacking Monsters. Source: VCGamers

Walkie talkie

As in general, the Walkie-talkie tool is useful for two-way communication which you can use when exploring separately with teammates. This is a basic tool or tool that is very useful in exploration.

You can also use walkie-talkies when monitoring team movements via the monitor on the ship which has radar to see signs of loot items and signs of danger from monsters and traps such as turret shots.


A flashlight or flashlight is a tool that can help you when you are in a dark space in a space facility, you can illuminate dark areas for better vision.

However, please note that your flashlight will not be useful when the weather in the area you are exploring is foggy or when you are in an area full of gas vapor.


A shovel or shovel is generally a hoe for picking up sand or soil, but in this game you can buy a shovel as a defensive tool that can attack and finish off monsters by swinging it by pressing the left mouse click button.

When carrying a Shovel you need 1 inventory slot and the load will increase so that running from your character will use up more stamina than usual.


In the Lethal Company game there is a door mechanic that is locked and requires keys that are scattered randomly.

A lockpicker is a tool that can help you open a locked door without having to look for the key first.

You can loot items faster in locked areas when you or your teammates carry a Lockpicker. However, the disadvantage of the lockpicker is that it cannot open the door directly, you need to press it and wait 30 seconds.


It has the same function as a flashlight, but the pro flashlight has the advantage that the lighting is better and brighter than a regular flashlight.

And the battery capacity of the pro flashlight is larger so it lasts longer when you use it. Of course the price to buy a pro flashlight is more expensive than a regular flashlight.

Stun Grenades

This tool functions as a defensive tool to escape when encountered and confronted by dangerous monsters such as Becker, The Girl in a Dress, and Forest Keepers.

The Stun Grenade is a weapon that can be thrown and how to use it is by pressing the left mouse click to release the pin and pressing again to throw it.

Stun Grenade takes 3 seconds to react and stuns monsters for five seconds.


The boombox has a shape like a speaker which functions as a distraction for the monsters. When you turn it on, the boombox will make loud music and distract the monsters.

You can place it in a corner of the facility or outside in the wild in the hope that it will create noise so that your and your teammates' movements are not detected.


TZP-Inhalant is one of the best items in the Lethal Company game, because it provides a temporary buff or increase to increase speed and increase your carrying capacity in carrying goods or loot items.

However, you need to be careful when using it, excessive use is very dangerous and will cause side effects and increase vulnerability.

Zap gun

The Zap Gun tool is a weapon that can stun monsters, just like a stun grenade, but the Zap gun sometimes makes certain monsters vulnerable to additional attacks.

The price is very expensive but think of it as a long-term investment, because you can use the Zap gun continuously unlike stun grenades which are disposable.

Currently the only effective way to deal with some of the big monsters that hunt in the Lethal Company game is to use the Zap gun.


Even though it is a bit heavy, the Jetpack is another important tool for exploration and safe travel. This allows you to pass through large gaps without any problems and is very useful when trying to avoid some of the monsters lurking in the wilderness on the way back to the ship.

You need practice to get used to using it to be efficient, so be careful when buying it because it costs a lot of credits.

Extension Ladder

An extension ladder or additional ladder is a tool that helps you to create an emergency bridge that can cross gaps or make your journey up the hill easier.

Just use it and place it below by left clicking so that the extension ladder can function properly. Be careful not to close the stairs while your friend is crossing because it could cause him to fall.

Radar Booster

Radar Booster is an important tool that allows you to mark the entrance to a facility and also serves as an additional monitor.

This tool will be effective if there is one person at the ship's base to supervise and view the monitor, but when you buy it it means you have to take this tool with you when you first leave and bring it back when you return.

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Recommended Tools

Tips for employment at Lethal Company
Tips for Jobs at Lethal Company. Source: VCGamers

The following are the tools that we recommend when playing Lethal Company, namely at the start of the game, buy 2 Walkie-talkies and 2 flashlights. Next, when you and your teammates successfully pass the first profit quota of 130 credits. You can buy 2 shovels, 1 lockpicker and 2 additional pro-flashlights.

And when the loot items or goods have reached the second profit, you and your teammates can start saving to buy 1 Zap Gun, 4 stun grenades and 1 Radar Booster.

Having these tools or tools available will really help you in exploring areas with medium difficulty levels which generate more profit from loot items.

After that, you and your teammates can adjust your needs, whether to strengthen your defense by buying additional boomboxes and zap guns or make it easier to pick up and carry loot by buying TZP Inhalants and Jetpacks, provided that all your teammates never fall during the exploration.

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Lethal Company Ship Upgrade

Lethal Company Spaceship
Lethal Company Spaceship. Source: VCGamers

There are starship upgrades that you can do in the Lethal Company game, such as upgrading by installing a Teleporter, upgrading by installing an Inverse Teleporter, and installing a Loud Horn.


You can use it to pick up teammates who fall or don't survive the exploration. You can take them back to base by pressing the teleport button. However, the biggest drawback is that after being teleported, the transported teammate will lose all their items.

So the teleporter is only useful for getting teammates back or retrieving their bodies to reduce fines if someone doesn't survive the company's exploration of your team's finances.

Inverse Teleporter

Inverse Teleporter is the opposite of the teleporter function. You can use Inverse to teleport your teammates to certain random areas in areas near space facilities.

And the weakness is that you can't bring any items to teleport, but you can use it to find out or scout areas near space facilities.

Loud Horn

This tool functions as a ship alarm that you can configure and sound an alarm to notify teammates if dangerous conditions occur, such as entering night time, namely 6 pm and above.

Or alert teammates when there are dangerous monsters lurking near the ship. Loud Horn can also guide your teammates to find their way home by following the sound source when there is bad weather such as fog.

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Additional Ship Decorations

Additional Decorations on Lethal Company ships
Additional Decorations on the Lethal Company Ship. Source: ModDB

There are additional ship decorations in the Lethal Company game that have no function to support your exploration, only to add aesthetics and fun. Ship decorations that you and your teammates can buy are Television, Table, Romantic Table, Pajama Suit, Shower, Cozy Lights, Record Player.

It is not recommended that you buy these decorations, it is better to save the credit you and your teammates have or buy more useful tools.

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That's a discussion about Tools and Ship Upgrades, which you can learn and help you in playing the Lethal Company game.

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