Tips and Initial Guide to Playing the Lethal Company Game

Lethal Company Guide

Hello Vicegers, do you want to try playing the game Lethal Company Or have you tried playing it but are still confused about playing? So, you need to listen to Lethal Company's guide here.

This article will provide a basic guide to help you start your journey to find loot items or goods in former space facilities in the Lethal Company game.

The following is a discussion of tips and initial guidelines that you can read for playing the Lethal Company game.

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Strategy Briefing with Teammates

Lethal Company Guide
Explore with Teammates Carrying Pro-Flashlight. Source: Steam

The Lethal Company game is a horror game that is recommended to be played co-op or multiplayer online with a maximum of 4 players in one team.

Therefore, when you enter the game lobby, namely on a space ship, you and your teammates are required to carry out a strategy preparation briefing in exploring the area of the planet you are going to for 3 days.

Of course, there are various preparation topics that you can discuss with your teammates, starting from discussing what tools to buy with an initial capital of 60 credits.

Then they discussed the division of their respective duties, such as one person monitoring the team's movements via the ship's monitor, the rest being a roaming team with support carrying tools such as flashlights, and a roaming team with tools for attacking monsters.

The division of tasks is very flexible and adapts to the needs of a team because exploration in the Lethal Company game is random.

You and your teammates have a great chance of finding different things even if you stay in the same area the next day. There is a strategy for changing the planet you are exploring if you feel that the planet is not conducive, for example experiencing a flood or thunderstorm.

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Terminal Access to Purchase Tools

Lethal Company Guide
Access Terminal Store. Source: Tristenseide

After you have briefed with your teammates, then you access the terminal to buy tools provided by the company.

For the first day of exploration you get capital of 60 credits which can be purchased for 4 flashlights or 2 flashlights and 2 walkie talkies.

There are other options that you can choose, such as 2 flashlights and 1 shovel (shovel for attacking monsters). The following is a list of tools that you can purchase via terminal store access:

  • Walkie-talkies – 12 Credits
  • Flashlight – 15 Credits
  • Shovel – 30 Credits
  • Lockpicker – 20 Credits
  • Pro-flashlight – 25 Credits
  • Stun grenade – 40 Credits
  • Boombox – 60 Credits
  • TZP-Inhalant – 120 Credits
  • Zap gun – 400 Credits
  • Jetpack – 700 Credits
  • Extension ladder – 60 Credits
  • Radar-booster – 50 Credits

The price of this tool can change at any time if there is a random discount given by the company.

Learn the Area of the Planet You Are Going to

Explore the Planet Vow Area
Explore the Planet Vow Area. Source: Steam

The next step is that you need to study the area of the planet you are going to, this will really help you later in your exploration. You can memorize the route or road to get to the main entrance or entrance to the space facility.

And vice versa, you also need to memorize the route to return home to the space ship. If you don't memorize it, there is a possibility that you will get lost on the way.

There are fire exits at each space facility that you can use as entry and exit access, but the location of the fire exit will be far from the main entrance and you need to find out the exact location first.

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Don't be too greedy

Moment of being hunted by a monster because he was too greedy
Moment of being hunted by a monster because he was too greedy. Source: Steam

The thing you need to pay attention to and be aware of is don't be too greedy or force yourself to take loot items or items when things are critical, for example being targeted by a monster.

Or even, when it is night time where the situation is more tense with the monsters being more active in the surrounding area. Try as much as possible to bring your items and return to the ship when it is still afternoon or not yet night time in the game.

When you are too greedy and end up falling or not surviving during exploration, all the items you brought will drop and it will be even more fatal if you are the last player left who doesn't survive.

All items that have been collected on the ship will be lost if this happens and will be very detrimental to the team. Because you lose all the items and waste time, considering that the Lethal Company game has deadline mechanics and profit quotas that must be met so that progress continues.

Explore Easy Areas First

The Lethal Companya game has 8 Planet Areas that you can go to, starting from the Experimentation, Assurance, Vow, Offense, March, Rend, Dine, Titan areas.

For those of you who are new to playing, it is recommended to explore the three map areas with easy difficulty levels such as Experimentation, Assurance, Vow.

If you are starting to get used to and understand Lethal Company's gameplay mechanics, you and your teammates can try exploring the Offense and March map areas with a medium difficulty level.

And the next map area is an area with a difficult level of difficulty and requires you to pay credits to explore it.

The planet Rend requires 550 credits to explore, while Dine requires 600 credits and Titan is the last planet with hard difficulty which requires 700 credits to explore.

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Use Vote in Emergencies

When not Surivive you can vote by holding down the right mouse click.
When not Surivive you can vote by holding down the right mouse click. Source: VCGamers

If you and your other teammates do not survive or survive but there is still one teammate who still survives, you can vote by right-clicking the mouse and holding it until the vote runs.

The vote will serve as a sign that the situation is very critical and the teammate who is still surviving will immediately notice that he is the only one left and decide to return to the ship carefully.

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Those are the initial tips and guides that you can try and follow, hopefully they can help you in playing the Lethal Company game!

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