Getting to Know the New Agent ISO Valorant, Is it Good?

ISO Valorant

Valorant has just released a teaser which makes Valorant players happy, because the teaser shows that there will be a release of a new agent called ISO in Episode 7: Act 3.

Before the release of the agent, Riot gave a hint that there would be one agent new ones who have unique skills compared to other agents. If you are a Valorant player, you definitely already know what these instructions are Folder Sunset since Patch updates 7.07.

These instructions are in the team section defender which is strikingly shaped like a totem and has a radiant purple color.

So is this agent really good to have? Check out the discussion below!

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Who is the ISO Agent?

Agent Iso
Agent Iso. Source: Valorant/Youtube

ISO is a new agent that will be released in Valorant on October 31, 2023 in Episode 7: Act 3.
The new agent is a man named "ISO" who comes from China as his country of birth.

Iso gets the role as a Duelist who has unique skills compared to other Duelists in the Valorant Game.

Agent Duelist is an agent that is only used by players who are really good at taking shots at enemies.

Likewise, ISO also relies heavily on performance powerful when used by players who have great aim, because the skills possessed by ISO require players to be great at aiming.

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ISO Skills List

As a Duelist, ISO is required to shoot and break into enemy locations, so Iso's skills really support this.

Plus the teaser shown by Riot via Official YouTube, which allows ISO to protect itself against shots fired by enemies.

This is a unique skill and overpowering agent with the Duelist role so far compared to other Dueslists.

The following is a list of skills that Iso has based on the official YouTube Valorant explanation:

Contingency Skills

Contingency Skills
Contingency Skills. Source: Riot

The Contingency Skill is a skill where ISO will issue a walking shield to easily penetrate the enemy area. If you have played Agent Harbor before, this shield is very similar to skill (C) Harbor and the difference is that this shield is very difficult to penetrate by enemy fire.

You can activate this skill when pressing the (C) button and the price for this skill is 250 Credits for one use.

Undercut Skill

Undercut Skill
Undercut Skill. Source: Riot

The Undercut skill is a skill that makes the enemy enter temporary debuff mode, where when the enemy is hit by this skill, the resulting effect is that when the enemy is shot, their HP will be reduced severalfold.

This skill is similar to the Killjoy bot alarm if you have ever used Agent Killjoy. Apart from that, this skill can penetrate walls and boxes for all maps in Valorant.

You can activate this skill when pressing the (Q) button and the price for this skill is 200 Credits for two uses.

Double Tap Skill
Double Tap Skill. Source: Valorant/Youtube

The Double Tap skill is a unique skill at the same time over power, How come? This skill has the ability to withstand bullets or bullets ultimate launched by the enemy.

However, you must have great skills in aiming at enemies when using this skill, because this skill requires you to have fast aiming reflexes and makes this skill very difficult to use.

The way this skill works is that when in Double Tap mode you have to defeat the enemy by shooting bullets at the enemy's head so they die quickly.

After the enemy dies, a purple ball will appear above the enemy you have defeated and the ball must be shot immediately so that the ISO Agent has immunity to attacks. You can repeat this so that the Double Tap skill doesn't run out.

You can activate this skill when pressing the (E) button and the price for this skill is 150 Credits for two uses.

Skill Kill Contract

Skill Kill Contract
Skill Kill Contract. Source: Valorant/Youtube

The Kill Contract skill is a skill that is like a double-edged sword, because this skill requires you to have great aim at the enemy, if you cannot aim at the enemy, then the Kill Contract skill will be useless.

The way this skill works is that Agent ISO will produce a dimensional space where you and the enemy will face one on one and you are required to win the one on one battle.

If you lose then the enemy will win, conversely if in the battle neither one wins then both will lose and die.

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Is ISO Agent Good?

If you look at the skill explanation above, ISO is the agent included over power for the first time released and you must have it.

Because if you look at the Duelist role, the agent can easily break into the enemy's area and can defeat the enemy without fear of losing, because of the shield skill which makes him immune to enemy attacks.

However, back to the player's skill, if the player cannot play the agent correctly and has difficulty using the skill, then the agent will still be easy to beat.

As with the previous agent, Riot will likely make Agent ISO experience nerf for the future, so we'll see whether there are changes or not? Because we think this agent is too over power for the Duelist class.

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So, that's the discussion about the new agent that will be released by Valorant, do you think this agent is interesting? Comment below!

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