ONIC Defeats RRQ 2-0, This Is Coach Adi's Role


ONIC won by a landslide from RRQ in the second week of the regular season round on the first day Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 11.

ONIC kept RRQ from moving by not giving it a single score in the match with the Best of Three (BO3) system tonight, Friday 24 February 2023.

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ONIC vs RRQ Match Results

First games.

RRQ, which was previously undefeated in the first week, had to acknowledge ONIC's superiority this week.

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In the first game, ONIC won with a score of 20-5 from RRQ. In fact, they won by being wiped out in 18:09.

Then, in the second match they won again by being wiped out. The score in the second match was 25-15.

It is known that the former Head Coach of RRQ, Acil is now Analys at ONIC Esports by the name Adi.

ONIC's victory over RRQ was mentioned because of Adi's big role in the match.


This was also confirmed by ONIC Buts. He conveyed this in an interview after the match.

"Yes, the problem has taught us a lot for preparation this week," he said as quoted from the MPL Indonesia YouTube channel.

Another player, Kiboy, who became the MVP in the second game, also added Coach Adi's role in the game.

He stated that Adi gave a simple message for the match.

"From Adi at Onic, the important thing is to play more neatly, aggressively and objectively, it's as simple as that," he said.

In front of the stage, ONIC Esports supporters were seen celebrating their victory. They also showed banners that said support for their favorite team.

In fact, it also reads about their appreciation for Adi's presence in the team.

“In Adi We Trust” said one of the banners in the game.

Until the end, Adi did not come on stage to comment on the victory of his new team.

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The two teams previously competed in the final round of MPL Season 10 and the lower bracket semifinals of the M4 World Championship Mobile Legends in Jakarta.

In the MPL Season 10 final, ONIC won with a score of 4-1. While on M4 World Championships won by RRQ.

Later, these two teams will compete again in MPL Season 11. Look forward to their second match!

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