Overview of OPI Esports and its Members

OPI Esports.

OPI Esports is an esport team from Indonesia. They have been established since 2019. 

OPI Esports is an acronym for Over Powered Indonesia Esports. This esports team is owned by a well-known Indonesian businessman, namely David Nugroho.

OPI Esports
OPI Esports wins. Source: Youtube

This team started to emerge after winning the semi-pro Mobile Legends competition held by Yamisok in 2019.

Also, this team is very popular on TikTok. So it's no wonder that they became the first team to get 1 million likes on TikTok.

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OPI Esports Changes Name

OPI Esports.
OPI Esports logo. Source: Youtube

OPI Esports had become a hot topic of conversation some time ago. This is because their content is considered to be just dancing.

So this made them change their name to OPI Esportainment. So that it will enable them to be engaged in two fields, namely esport and entertainment.

The name change was officially announced by them through their Instagram account. 

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OPI Angel member

OPI Esports
OPI Esports matches. Source: Youtube

Here are some members of OPI Angel:

Sheren Natalia

Apart from being an OPI Angel, Sharen Natalia is also a pro player. With a beautiful face, it's no wonder that many connoisseurs admire her charm Esports

Sheren Natalia is also known as a women's basketball athlete from Bangka Belitung.

Parichia Angelin Raharja

Parichia Angelin is one of the OPI Angels who frequently appears on TikTok. Apart from being OPI Esports, he is also a professional dancer.

Eunice Tjoaa

Eunice Tjoaa is also one of the most active OPI Angels on TikTok. Apart from that, this OPI Angel is also good at dancing.

Asrinda Basri

Asrinda Basri is better known as an lro player, but sometimes she also joins one of the OPI Angel lineups.

Lily Faustine

Besides being known as OPI Angel, Liya is also a professional dancer with her team.

Selvi Sanjaya

This OPI Angel is also one that often appears in videos TikTok OPI. Apart from that, Selvie Sanjaya is also a pro player in Mobile Legends.

Jane Angelica

Jane is an OPI Angel as well as a Brand Ambassador (BA) from OPI Eports, so it's not surprising that she often appears on TikTok.

Silma Rahmaina

Silma is an OPI Angel who wears a hijab, besides that she is also an OPI Esports Brand Ambassador who frequently appears on TikTok.

Rika Gusriani

Rika Gusriani became the last member of OPI Angel. Apart from being an OPI Angel, Rika Gusriani has other activities, namely as a content creator and has a hobby of traveling.

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So, that's a complete explanation about OPI Esport and its team members.

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