Mondstadt Genshin Impact: History, Expansion, Lore

Mondstadt is the first region that players visit Genshin Impact at the start of the game play.

This area which is considered as the city of freedom is not only beautiful but also has many mysteries stored in the leadership area of Anemo Archon.

With a myriad of mysteries, this time we will discuss Mondstadt in full!

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Mondstadt: History, Relations with Khaenri'ah, and Expansion

History of Mondstadt

stormterror lair mondstadt genshin impact
Stormterror's lair, Old City of Mondstadt (source: VCGamers)

Mondstadt is a German-inspired region. The name Mondstadt itself is taken from the German "Mond" which means month and "Stadt" or city so that it has the name of the city of the month.

The name of the city of freedom that Mondstadt has is not without reason. The Mondstadt that players now know is not the old Monsstadt city.

The original city of Mondstadt was located in Stormterror's Lair as Decarabian City. Once upon a time there was a war between the Gods to gain territory which was called the Archon War.

The war between Andrius who wanted to take the Decarabian territory caused a very severe blizzard.

Decarabia who wanted to protect their people in the end made a wall made up of windstorms in hopes of protecting the people from the blizzards.

This caused Decarabian City to have closed access to the outside world and some people considered protection from Decarabia a form of tyranny.

The Gunnhildr clan made an expedition out of Decarabian City. However, they ended up having to survive the blizzard outside Decarabian City.

The people's prayer for freedom and prosperity was granted by the God of Time by sending the spirit of the wind that became Barbatos, Anemo Archon that players have known all this time. 

It was only after Barbatos, Gunnhildr, Amos (Decarabian's ex-lover), and the red-haired soldier who was allegedly Ragnvindr put up a fight against Decarabia died that the city of Mondstadt was now built.

Mondstadt's freedom was also disrupted due to tyranny by the Mondstadt nobility, especially the Lawrence clan. 

Barbatos, who was afraid of becoming a tyrant, left Mondstadt which caused an imbalance of power. 

Finally Barbatos formed the Four Winds to protect Mondstadt for pure freedom.

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Relations with Khaenri'ah and Celestia

khaenriah genshin impact
Khaenri'ah (source: Genshin Impact)

Although the name of this city, if interpreted, means City of the Moon. Not yet known with certainty the relationship between the name of this city and the moon. 

Considering that the moon is one of the important aspects in Genshin Impact games, such as the legend of Moon Sisters and the fake moon (false sky) in Teyvat, the city of Mondstadt is expected to be an important place in the main story. Genshin Impact.

There is speculation among players that Mondstadt will be the last region of the Genshin Impact game. This is because of Mondstadt's close relationship with Khaenri'ah as well Celestia.

Khaenri'ah was a region beyond Celestia and Heavenly Principle that was destroyed by cataclysm 500 years ago. 

This disaster is thought to be the main cause of the many changes that took place in Teyvat.

For example, Raiden Shogun blocked Inazuma's access and gathered Vision to maintain immortality due to Raiden Makoto's death in the destruction of Khaenriah.

Morax who lost his fellow Adepts especially Guizhong as a result of making sacrifices during the disaster.

Reason Tsaritsa, Cryo Archon, gathering all the other Gnosis Archons also presumably wished to resolve something that happened as a result of the cataclysm.

Allegedly the city of Mondstadt that stands today is right above Khaenriah. The most compelling evidence is that it exists Spirals Abyss what is thought to be the stairway to the Khaenri'ah is in the Mondstadt area.

In addition, the many signs and legacies that access to Celestia is in Mondstadt also cause Mondstadt to be suspected of being Traveler's last destination.

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Territory Expansion

dorman port mentioned genshin impact npc
Dornman Port Mentioned By NPC (source: VCGamers)

At the time the writer wrote this article, there were still many unfinished mysteries about this town on the edge of Cider Lake. In fact, some areas of Mondstadt are not all open yet.

It is rumored that the northern part of Mondstadt, which is likely to border Snezhnaya, will be released in the near future.

There are 3 main areas that are rumored to be released, namely Mare Jivari, Sea of Dandelion, and Dornman Port.

Dornman Port is the main port of Mondstadt that has not yet appeared. If you pay attention, Mondstadt is the only Teyvat area that doesn't have a port.

This port has actually been frequently mentioned by several voicelines such as Venti and Eula at the Weinlesefest event.

The NPC named Jones also mentioned that he came from Mondstadt but could not return because of the Sakoku Decree which closed the entrance to Inazuma.

Furthermore, the area mentioned is Mare Jivari which is predicted to be located in the northernmost area of Mondstadt which is said to be a legend for adventurers in Mondstadt.

It was said that Mare Jivari was a windless area and not many adventurers could pass through that area. Bennett at infancy is said to have been found by an adventurer there before being brought to Mondstadt.

Sea of Dandelions or Dandelion Sea is the area that is arguably the most mysterious of the three areas that will be released.

First mentioned in a book called The Fox in Dandelion Sea, it is said that the Dandelion Sea is like a large meadow of dandelions.

You can anticipate some of these areas releasing after the release of Fontaine in update 4.0.

Those are various things related to Mondstadt Genshin Impact. It is also reported that apart from area expansion, there will be a character named Dahlia who is a priest in Mondstadt as an inner character next banners.

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