5 Most Beautiful Indonesian Gaming Girls in 2022, Who's Your Hero?

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Most Beautiful BA
Rachel Florencia – Most Beautiful BA

Who is your favorite gaming girl hero? VCGamers has summarized the 5 most beautiful gaming girls in 2022. Who are they? Check this article to find out.

When we talk about gaming girls, a lot of guys definitely love to talk about it, because they obviously want to see beauty when they open it in YouTube.

There are several women in Indonesia who play YouTubers that Vicigers friends might not know about, and some of them will be discussed in this article.

Now the game world is no longer the monopoly of men. Many women also like online games. Since games are included in e-sports tournaments, more and more people are interested in games and become players.

To fill the gaps between tournament breaks, many players decide to create YouTube gaming channels. Through their channels, they demonstrate skills that are worth considering.

Who is the prettiest gaming girl in Indonesia right now? Instead of being curious, it's better to just look at the reviews below!

List of the Most Beautiful Gaming Girls in 2022

Sarah Viloid

Gaming girl

First of all, there is a gaming girl with 3.1 million subscribers on her youtube. Sarah Olivia or commonly known by her stage name Sarah Viloid is a gaming YouTuber who actively uploads videos featuring games such as Free Fire, Mobile Legends, Roblox and other games played on her YouTube channel.

Armed with the ability to play online games, Sarah had the opportunity to become the manager of the Dota 2 Revival Team in 2015. Even though she is active as a player, she never forgets her education. Until now, this girl is still active in various eSports tournaments.

Sarah also regularly shares her gaming activities through her YouTube channel, Sarah Viloid. Currently, he has more than 4 million subscribers.

While her face is pretty and cute, Sarah also made the jump as a cosplayer to become the station's Japanese navigator ambassador. Even though she received a lot of criticism, she still proves herself as a professional cosplayer.

Sarah was also interviewed publicly in June. The reason is, exciting videos like this are scattered in cyberspace. In the video circulating after the Telegram application, the woman thinks she looks naked and shows her intimate area.

Olivia Gosandra

Gaming girl

Then there is the beautiful girl who plays the role of a YouTuber, who regularly uploads Mobile Legends content through her YouTube channel.

Olivia Gosandra usually makes videos playing Mobile Legends or relaxing videos with her friend Patrick. Sometimes Olivia Gosandra also launches live Mobile Legends broadcasts, where she and her friends will be evaluated together.

Olivia Gosandra is a girl born in Batam who was born on July 22, 1996 and is currently 24 years old, male. He has a characteristic funny voice and tricks like annoying people on the internet.

Looks like he's playing from Mobile Legend, FREE FIRE up to PUBG. However, Mobile Legend is one game that is played very well.


Gaming girl

Apart from being an Evos eSport ambassador in early 2020, it was also revealed that Not-not also starred in the FTV series Azab and Suara Hati 2019. Fortunately, because of his handsome and adorable face, he also really likes the martial art of Taekwondo.

The name Lidiawati or commonly known as Notnot is the eSports brand ambassador for Evos and the prettiest gaming girl at the moment. He is also a player, content creator for TikTok, as well as a TikToker and YouTuber.

The name Not-not, which he uses today as a stage name, has gone down in history. The name Not-not was first used because of his habit of speaking fluently. Hence the origin of the name Notnot.

As well as actively promoting Evos, it may also be active on its own social network. Like YouTube, this gaming girl regularly uploads streaming video games that she plays, from Mobile Legends to Free Fire.

His content on YouTube constantly receives a large number of views, from hundreds of thousands to millions. No wonder if he reaped the benefits of adsense.


Gaming girl
Rachel Florencia

Rachel started her career by auditioning for JKT48, but failed. He was then offered the office for a Japanese style idol. His famous suit has also become a celebrity that exists today.

Rachel Florencia's popularity, in addition to her immense fame, includes being a brand ambassador for one of Morph Team's eSports products.

Rachel is a weaday program, a term for people who are big fans of all kinds of Japanese and other pop culture products. As soon as IDR 2 billion was offered, an unknown person sent an instant message via Instagram. Of course, Rachel ignored the message.

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Gaming girl

The next prettiest gaming girl is Vior. Viorenita Sutanto, or better known as ONIC Vior, is the only professional player to revive the 9th season of MPL.

The name ONIC Vior is certainly not new in the gaming world Mobile Legends. ONIC Vior is a professional Mobile Legend player and Brand Ambassador (BA) of Onic Esports.

The name ONIC Vior became known when she became the only woman in Mobile Legends in MPL season 9. Of course, this professional player in Mobile Legends immediately attracted attention.

This beautiful woman named Viorenita Sutanto is included in the MPL Indonesia list for the ONIC Esports team along with Kiboy, Butss, Sanz, Sir ft Lans, CW, Mars (coach), Aldo (analyst) and Andypohan (manager).

Viora's presence is certainly very surprising, because she is the only professional Mobile Legends player in MPL season 9. ONIC Vior is part of the sports team's roster for the MPL Season 9 Championship.

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Since he was BA, he hasn't given the team much trophies. This handsome professional player also regularly practices his skills on YouTube, such as Nimo TV, with the accounts nitavior (YouTube) and onicvior (Nimo TV).

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