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Many are curious about what a Gaming House or GH is actually like EVOS Legend? Discussion about the headquarters of the top teams is always an interesting discussion.

This is supposed to be a "safe haven" for gamers: a paradise where they can play and train without experiencing interference from anywhere. Gaming House is like a hostel for the pro-player which is filled with various supporting facilities.

There they can focus on maximizing various preparations for upcoming matches and tournaments. There will be no distractions or limitations as are commonly found in other places.

Of course, every team has their own Gaming House – EVOS Legend is no exception, who is a former M1 world champion. Well, for those who are curious as to what the contents of GH are EVOS Legends, let's discuss!

Don't go anywhere okay!

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What is a Gaming House?

Gaming House as the Headquarters of the eSports Team
Gaming House as the Headquarters of the eSports Team.

For those who don't understand what a Gaming House is, it's perfect because this time we will discuss it. As the name suggests, the Gaming House is a residential facility where they usually practice as a team eSports.

As a residence, of course this place has supporting facilities and infrastructure that are usually found like a house.

Some of these include functional rooms, rooms for all personnel, adequate toilet-washing facilities (MCK), kitchens, and so on.

But the most striking difference is of course in the gaming-themed accommodations that are included. A GH is usually also equipped with various gaming setups according to the division's placement.

Things like fast internet, streaming equipment, flagship devices, etc., are common there. Some GHs are even really designed very seriously to support the performance of these pro-players.

The most luxurious GH currently belongs to the most famous eSports team in the world: Team Solo Mid (TMS). Their GH is one that is complete with a content studio, gym, lounge, merchandise shop, wellness center, cafe, outdoor area, event stage, and other operating spaces.

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Gaming Houses in Indonesia

One of the Gaming House/Space in Indonesia
One of the Gaming House/Space in Indonesia.

As mentioned above, in Indonesia, GH itself acts like a hostel/boarding house provided by the team's management for its pro-players. There, these athletes can be “free” to hone their skills without having to worry about trivial things.

Although the GH teams eSports homeland is not as complex as that of TMS above, but the efforts given by each management have become a fairly good standard.

Pro-players are equipped with various supporting vehicles that are quite optimal, such as 24/7 catering service, unlimited water and electricity resources, cleaning and room service, wellness programs, professional co-living mentorship, and others.

With the details above, it is only natural that they are expected to provide maximum results. If not, management can replace their position with another roster whenever needed.

Keep in mind, there are so many gamers out there who are ready to fill these slots in order to be able to enjoy the comfortable gaming house facilities.

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ITF EVOS Legend. Source: EVOS

Ok, now we enter the GH EVOS Legend. What the heck can be found there?

For starters, the headquarters of the white tiger team is better known as the Integrated Training Facility or ITF.

EVOS ITF itself is designed as a contemporary facility that tends to appear like an office space instead of a house.

This replaces the role of the conventional Gaming House concept which is considered to be too old-fashioned and not conducive.

With a concept like the ITF, they can also cut spending budgets that are considered excessive.

Instead of renting or buying one housing unit, they prefer to simply rent one office or apartment slot. Even so, that does not mean the facilities they offer are not complete.

The management team still provides various adequate supporting things such as lobbies, conference rooms, content studios, lounges, pantries and various other accommodations.

Then the difference is with the Gaming House, this facility with a total of 18 rooms does not allow it to be used as a place to live, both for pro-players and other support staff.

So what do you think of Vicigers himself? Do you prefer the Gaming House or Training Facility concept like this?

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