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Mobile Legends Burst Damage

Yep, burst is output damage! Surely there are still many Vicigers here who don't understand the types of deep damage Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

There is more context that needs to be understood if you want to feel what it's like to be side by side with the "pink dragons" and get out of the habitat of the "green rhino".

One that is no less important is regarding the types of damage. It's important for you to understand, that from the amount of output, there are two types of damage that can be found in Land of Dawn.

Especially in this discussion, one thing that will be discussed is burst damage. So what is burst damage?

In order to understand more about what burst damage is, so keep watching the article! This will be very important and can help improve your gameplay towards Mythic!

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Understanding the Type of Output Damage

Know the Type of Output Damage
Know the Type of Output Damage. Source: VCGamers

In order to understand, it's a good idea to start with what output damage is. Output damage is the type of damage that can be issued by a hero.

Output damage can be generated in various ways. This can be obtained, either through combos/spaming various skills you have, or from basic attacks you have.

In essence, all attacks that can reduce the enemy's health can be referred to as output damage. In the Land of Dawn itself, there are two types of output damage:

Damage per second (DPS)

The first type is DPS. DPS is output damage that comes out in small amounts, but is done continuously.

To be able to provide damage that "sick" DPS needs to be done continuously without stopping. DPS gameplay requires us to lock on the target so that the damage can go on and on.

And keep in mind, the faster the DPS attack is launched, the more it will "leak" the target's blood. So it's only natural that heroes with this type of damage rely more on basic attacks supported by items that increase attack speed.

Heroes like this also won't rely on too many spam skills. This is because most of their skills are only used for marking (increasing incoming DPS to targets hit by marks), as well as avoiding attacks launched by opponents (debuff/blink).

Athena Shield Anti Burst
Athena Shield Anti Burst. Source: VCGamers


Well, now it's burst's turn. Unlike DPS, burst is a type of damage output that comes out in very large numbers in one hit.

Therefore, in order for damage to connect, burst damage users must really have good accuracy. This is so that targeting can be done with high accuracy and precision.

The use of burst must also be full of patience and careful consideration. Because of course if the damage given is not able to bring the team to reach the objective, the existing skills will be wasted.

Heroes like this need items that can increase/give a number of accumulated damage output in one hit, especially true damage that cannot be countered by armor or magical resistance.

So it's only natural that burst users will rely more on spam skill techniques instead of having to rely on damage from basic attacks.

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Hero and Item Burst Damage

MLBB Hero Heroes Burst Damage
MLBB Hero Heroes Burst Damage. Source: VCGamers

So, of course you are curious, what heroes and items are related to bursts. Here are some of the list.

  • Burst user heroes: Most mages are burst users. Vicigers only need to pay attention to whether the burst they give is single target (Eudora, Harley, Karina, Cyclops, Selena, Aamon, etc.) or area of effect – AoE (Nana, Kadita, Parsha, Kagura, Xavier, etc.).
  • Hero counter burst: Of course the only ones who can counter hero burst are tank and support roles. Several heroes are suitable for countering burst outputs such as Johnson, Fredrinn, Faramis, Nana, etc.
  • Weak heroes burst: Most of the heroes are unable to withstand burst output. But specifically against the mechanics of some of these heroes, using burst is the right decision like Minotaur, Uranus, Belerick, Lolita, etc.
  • Counter burst item: Well, if this is of course anyone can buy it so that the damage-damage hero burst fails to connect/to is wasted. Wind of Nature (WON), can make the user immune to damage for a few seconds; Athena Shield, specifically to counter magical (mage) burst damage; Winter Truncheon, makes hero mage freeze and invulnerable to all enemy effects; and, Immortality, so that it can still respawn again even though it has been picked-off as a result of spamming the opponent's hero skills.
  • Burst enhancing items: As for burst hero users, it is suitable to use items such as Berserker Fury, Blade of Heptaseas, Thunder Belt for burst physical/true damage; as well as, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings, and Genius Wand for magical.
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