List of EVOS Legends Roster in MPL Indonesia Season 11

MPL EVOS Legends roster

EVOS Legends has announced the roster that will participate in the MPL Indonesia Season 11 tournament.

This team with a lot of achievements has been participating in the MPL tournament since the first season.

Of course, with quite a long history, the Mobile Legends team, which was created in 2017, is ready to take part in MPL Indonesia Season 11 with a convincing roster.

This time, VCGamers will discuss roster announcements EVOS Legends which has been prepared for the MPL Indonesia tournament this season.

Curious about which players will strengthen EVOS Legends in MPL ID S11? Let's see the list of players below!

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Roster EVOS Legends MPL ID S11

EVOS Legends MPL Indonesia Roster Season 11
EVOS Legends MPL Indonesia Roster Season 11

EVOS Legends has prepared its complete roster to participate in MPL Indonesia Season 11.

Following are the full names and their respective positions as players:

EVOS Legends roster
ID Name Position
Saykots Rizqi Awandi Iskandar EXP Lane
Pendragons Sebastian Arthur EXP Lane
Tazz Darrell Jovanco Wijaya jungler
Ferxiic Ferdyansyah Kamaruddin jungler
Hijumee Dalvin Ramadhana Putra Middle
Branz Jabran Bagus Wiloko Gold Lane
Dreams Rachmad Wahyudi Roamers
Taxstump Stanley Hermawan Coach
age Steven Gunawan Analyst
Dlar Gerald Trincher Creators

There are various substitutions from EVOS Icon to EVOS Legends and vice versa.

Ferxiic, Branz, and Hijumee have successfully moved to the EVOS main team, namely EVOS Legends from EVOS Icon and will compete in the upcoming MPL Indonesia Season 11.

Apart from that, there is also a player from the Philippines named Dlar who joined EVOS Legends as a Creator. Finally, Sutsujin and Cr1te moved to the EVOS Icon.

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MPL Indonesia Season 11

MPL Indonesia Season 11
MPL Indonesia Season 11 schedule

MPL Indonesia Season 11 will start soon, in February to be precise. There are eight teams that will participate in the tournament.

All teams will compete for the title, starting from the Group Stage phase and finally heading to the Playoffs.

Until now, there are five teams that have announced their complete roster to participate in MPL Season 11.

The five teams are Alter Ego, AURA Fire, RRQ Hoshi, Rebellion Zion, and also EVOS Legends.

Mobile Legends esports fans, especially MPL Indonesia, are looking forward to the announcement of the entire team's roster.

Seeing that this MPL season is about to start, it is very likely that the teams will announce their rosters in a fairly near future.

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