Fearless RBL Profile Suspected of Harassment

MLBB Pro Player from the Rebellion Esports Team, Fearless, is suspected of committing harassment. This was followed by a thread on Twitter regarding the case which was allegedly carried out by RBL Fearless.

Fearless has not yet responded to this, but Rebellion Esports has made a decision that there will be a termination of the contract between Fearless and the Rebellion Esports organization.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the case and Fearless's profile as a former MLBB pro player in question.

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RBL Fearless Harassment Case against Hotel Receptionist

Fearless RBL case
Former Rebellion Pro Player, Fearless. Source: SPIN Esports

This harassment case was revealed after the friend of the hotel receptionist issued tweet on Twitter. Based on a tweet from the victim's friend, the hotel reception girl suddenly received a call from the pro player's room.

The receptionist girl was asked to bring a spoon, but the conversation ended when RBL Fearless asked the girl to come to the hotel room where she was staying.

At first the hotel reception girl didn't want to go to Fearless's room, but in the end she was forced to come because she was accompanied by a co-worker who was still at the hotel.

When the girl arrived at the door of Fearless's hotel room, the Rebellion pro player pulled the receptionist girl's hand into the room. Fortunately, the girl's co-workers managed to save her.

After the incident, the receptionist girl and the former RBL pro player continued the conversation on Instagram DMs discussing the events that had just occurred. Fearless admitted that he wanted to pay some money if the girl could accompany him to the hotel room.

Break the Contract with Rebellion Zion

Rebellion Zion Fearless
Fearless Contract Termination by Rebellion Zion. Source: Instagram/rebellionesports

The Rebellion Zion esports team immediately contacted the victim in question and Fearless has acknowledged the sexual harassment that occurred.

Via Instagram DM, Rebellion Zion apologized profusely to Kak Widya and they immediately terminated Fearless's contract with Rebellion Esports.

This incident of sexual harassment from a Rebellion pro player ended with the termination of the contract. Based on Instagram posts from Rebellion Esports, the organization will guide team members to prevent this from happening again.

Before this case, maybe you were still unfamiliar with the Rebellion Esports team. The Rebellion Esports team has a Mobile Legends division and this division has recently gained popularity because of its promising performance.

Below is a discussion of RBL Fearless's biodata and Rebellion Zion's improved performance during MPL Indonesia S10 and the 2022 President's Cup.

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RBL Fearless Biodata

RBL Fearless Biodata
RBL Fearless Biodata. Source: SPIN Esports

RBL Fearless is the pro player ever played for Rebellion Zion. He has a jungler role and his favorite heroes are Aamon, Balmond, and Chou.

This pro player whose real name is Moch Dicky Setiawan started his career from the beginning of 2022. More precisely, he joined Rebellion Zion in February 2022.

According to Liquipedia, previously he had played for an amateur team called AMIGOS RMD. The team was recorded as participating in the President's Cup in 2021. However, the team was only able to win 5th-8th place in the Sumatra Qualifier phase.

The following is the bio of the former RBL player:

  • Full name: Moch Dicky Setiawan
  • Nickname Mobile Legends: Fearless
  • Citizenship: Indonesia
  • Status as a pro player: Non-active
  • Roles: Jungler
  • Estimated total prize winnings: $2,609

Like other pro players, Fearless has had various accomplishments and accomplishments while joining the Rebellion Zion team.

The team seems to be on the rise seeing their performance in various tournaments. What are you curious about? Come on, see the explanation below!

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Rebellion Zion's Rising Performance

Zion's Rebellion Roster for MPL ID S10
Zion's Rebellion Roster for MPL ID S10. Source: Hybrid.co.id

Rebellion Zion is currently on the rise due to its satisfying results when it participated in MPL Indonesia S10. Fearless and the Rebellion Zion players are in a satisfying position.

They got the 5th-6th position which means that they made it through the group stage. The strength of Rebellion Zion and Fearless was very visible when they won the match with a score of 2:0 against RRQ Hoshi and EVOS Legends.

Of course this is the highest achievement of Rebellion Zion in history MPL. Since Season 8, they have continuously failed to pass the group stage and finally Season 10 has managed to pass the group stage.

After that, Fearless cs also got quite satisfying results when participating in the 2022 President's Cup. Even though they haven't managed to get a podium, they get 5th-8th place.

All of Rebellion Zion's achievements since MPL Indonesia S10 prove that they are not a small team that can be underestimated. However, the occurrence of a case of abuse by one of the players must taint the rising performance of RBL.

Thus the discussion regarding RBL Fearless and his bio, hopefully this incident will not happen again.

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