How to Counter Clint the Latest Marksman 2023

Clint Marksman Mobile Legends

Yes, this time we will try to discuss how to counter Clint, the hero Marksman (MM). In the past few patches, this hero got a very overpowered buff.

As a result, at that time Clint became MM Meta, which was often the target of picks and banned subscriptions.

Currently, the MM's popularity has begun to decline because it has been replaced by various other goldlaner heroes (such as Melissa or Karrie).

Even so, there are still many MM users who are loyal to use it, especially in the lower tiers. And sometimes if you meet someone who is actually the user, the MM can be very troublesome.

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Now, for those of you who are confused about an effective way to "sterile" the hero, let's discuss it further in this article! Make sure to pay close attention, so that you understand how to counteract Clint users on Land of Dawn!

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Love Understanding of Clint

Clint Marksman Mobile Legend.
Clint Marksman Mobile Legend.

Before getting into the main topic of discussion, let's first analyze the characteristics of the hero! Clint is a marksman hero who belongs to the burst type.

This means that the MM relies heavily on his spam skill to pick off opponents. Therefore, make sure that you don't get into the range (areo of effect – Aoe) of the shot.

Clint himself is a hero who tends to be strong in early to mid. If he can't find an advantage in that phase of the game, his late damage won't be too significant for the team's success in achieving objectives.

Apart from that, the skill range is also fairly short-mid ranged. He is not able to aim at targets at a distance that is too far.

And like most MMs, this gold laner also has a physical type for the output damage that is issued. Assisted by his passive, this physical damage can get a very significant addition.

That's why what needs to be considered is the existence of skill 1 as the hero's main damage dealer. This skill even has a higher utility than its ult which is only a poke.

For mobility, Clint himself is not so agile. Often the users rely on flicker skills to avoid being targeted by enemies.

The only blink skill he has is skill two, and even then it only gives him the ability to blink in the middle range. This is generally used to prevent melee heroes from kidnapping.

With the immobilize effect for the target that is hit, the opposing hero who is silent can taste the combo burst output of skill 1 and ulti from Clint.

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Counter Clint

Counter Hero Clint Mobile Legend.
Counter Hero Clint Mobile Legend.

In order to be able to counter the MM, there will be several topics of discussion which are divided into the following points.

Let's listen!


Departing from the gameplay, especially for MMs who may become opponents in the gold lane, avoid doing by-ones in the early-mid game.

If roam wants to accompany you, make sure to always be under his shadow so that no significant damage comes in.

As for melee heroes, try to start engaging without being seen.

This can be done by relying on bushes or fast paced blinks, a kind of flicker.

If not, of course the second skill will lock movement and you will still be hit by the MM's burst damage.


Telling a little about the past, physical damage burst can be counteracted by the presence of Twilight Armor.

But since it was revamped, for some reason Moonton removed the item's passive effect from the set defense.

Until now, there are no items that can directly withstand physical burst output as well as the Twilight Armor effect.

But don't worry, there are still some items that can be used as alternatives.

For mages, of course there is Winter Truncheon which can give a freeze effect, and for MM you can use Wind of Nature (WoN).

As for a more "universal" build, Vicigers can take Immortality so they have spare lives.


Well, now for Clint's hero counter! Of course there will be very many heroes that you can choose. But in this discussion, we will just give the gold laner counter.

To fight Clint, make sure you choose a mid-range hero who can easily "remove" Clint's blood from a safe distance:

Beatrice Counter Clint.
Beatrice Counter Clint.
  1. Beatrix
  2. Popol Kupa
  3. Brody
  4. Lesley
  5. Nathan
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