Facts about Denji Chainsaw Man that you need to know

Chainsaw Man

Anime Chainsaw Man succeeded in getting a lot of positive responses from anime lovers. As usual, the main character is always interesting to learn about. Therefore, in this article we will discuss facts about Denji.

As the main shop of this series, since the first episode Denji has managed to steal the attention. However, until now there is still little information that we can discuss about it.

Well, for you fans anime Chainsaw Man who is curious about him, here are some facts you should know about the chainsaw man!

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Not Using Last Name

Denji's last name is not yet known. Source: Imperial Manga

As we know, almost all anime characters always have a last name that explains their family or clan background.

However, as we know, Denji only uses his first name, and no last name. 

Given his tough childhood, it's no surprise that he doesn't have time to keep track of “trivial” things like surnames.

Even just remembering his age is already a miracle.

The possibility behind the incident where he forgot his surname was to set up a big reveal at the end of the series. 

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Never Received Formal Education

Denji School. Source: CBR

Because Denji has lived in poverty, neglect and loneliness since birth. 

As well as the huge debt left by his father and the death of his mother, he has no real family or friends and spends all his time just looking for ways to pay off his father's debt to the Yakuza.

In all of this it is not too surprising that he had never been to school before. 

Luckily, he was able to realize a little of his dream of school life with Reze, even if only for a short time.

He is a Devil Hybrid

Hybrid Form. Source: Figurine Manga France

As we know, initially Denji was an ordinary human before he merged with Pochita.

But until now there are still many fans who know where he really is; Is he a devilman, devil, or fiend? 

However, what is certain is that Denji is not a devilman, because a devilman is specifically a human corpse which is then taken over by devil

Although Denji is often seen in human form, he can also unleash his chainsaw, giving him a chainsaw body that emerges from his forehead and arms. 

However, this is not his demon form, but rather a hybrid form, as he still retains many of his human characteristics.

Denji's full demon form was only shown in the manga. At that time, none of his human physical characteristics remained, not even his human consciousness fully existed.

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He was born in 1980

Born in 1980
Born in 1980. Source: CBR

At the beginning of the story Denji is said to be around sixteen years old. It happened in the first part of this series.

In a scene where the chainsaw demon appears, the date and time of appearance reveals that the Chainsaw Man series takes place in 1997. 

Denji does not have an official birth date, but his birth year is listed as 1980, making him around seventeen years old at the time of the incident.

He Got All His Lost Organs Because of Pochita

Denji and Pochita. Source: CBR

A small detail that many people might miss the first time they watch Chainsaw Man is the fact that Denji no longer wears an eye patch because he no longer needs it. 

After being killed and then fused with little Pochita, Denji got back all the body organs he had sold to pay off his father's debt.

Additionally, he also appears to have recovered from the heart problem he inherited from his mother, as he is never seen coughing up blood again. 

This is likely due to Pochita's regeneration ability which he has as devil, which was passed down to Denji.

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So, those are some interesting facts about Denji from the Anime Chainsaw Man.

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