The Most Complete List of Makima Chainsaw Man's Powers

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Who often watches anime? Chainsaw Man, maybe you also know one of the beautiful characters present in anime This is Makima.

She is one of the beautiful and strongest female characters who works in the Public Safety Organization in Chainsaw Man as Head of Special Divisions 4 and 5.

Some Chainsaw Man fans like this character because of his beauty and strength. However, there are also those who don't like him because he is very cunning and manipulative.

Previously, we discussed the facts about Makima. However, here we will discuss his strengths in Chainsaw Man.

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Makima is the Head of Special Divisions 4 and 5 in the Public Safety organization in Chainsaw Man which has a great influence on the organization.

He is famous for his intelligence, strength and mysterious supernatural abilities.

As the leader of the Devil Hunters, he has experience fighting demons for quite a long time.

Makima is also a very charismatic and firm leader in the Public Safety organization so he is highly respected and feared by his members.

Regarding his manipulative attitude to achieve what he wants, he often uses bad strategies and uses his intelligence to achieve his ambitions.

It should also be noted that Makima is a master manipulator with brilliant strategy. He is able to make clever plans to achieve his goals.

In the Chainsaw Man anime, Makima is the main antagonist, she acts as the enemy of Denji and his friends.

Sometimes, he is able to manipulate situations and manipulate other characters in unexpected ways.

One of the interesting things about her is that she has natural beauty and has an aura that is frightening to other characters.

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Makima's power

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(Source: Senpai Review/Youtube)

As a devil, Makima has all the powers of a devil. Of course, this power is used when he fights with humans.

From this power, he is able to control humans and force them to fight each other.

So, in this sub we will discuss its strengths, namely as follows:

Physical Strength

Impense Strength

Makima has enormous physical strength and this allows her to fight effectively in battle without asking for help from her members.

This power is too big to defeat Pochita and can destroy his chainsaw with one attack.

Enhanced Strength

Makima has a very sharp sense of smell, she is able to detect if Pochita is still in Denji's body.

Supernatural Power


Often this Makima makes humans afraid of her. He has control with the mantra "I have the power to control those I consider to be of lesser rank than myself (I have the power to control people I consider lower than me)".

By using this spell, he can control humans, animals, demons and hybrids simultaneously.

Later, the object affected by this spell will lose its memory and no longer remember anything when controlled by Makima.

  • Makima is able to take her victims' powers through chains connected to her body. And he is also able to control someone directly and change that person's personality like a devil;
  • Makima often borrows the ears of mice, birds and other small animals to hear live conversations over long distances;
  • He is also able to control large rats, these rats will form humans and move Makima to certain locations quickly;
  • He has the ability to enable humans to hear his voice without actually seeing Makima's form, of course this power is used to order the devil to kill the human.

Force Manipulation

Apart from having supernatural powers that aim to kill humans, there are several other manipulation powers, namely:

  • Makima can kill humans invisibly or from a distance. Of course, to use this power, he had to go to a place like a temple so that his power could work effectively;
  • Once the human is attacked, he can kill very easily;
  • He is able to eliminate victims around him and kill them using a long-range sword.

Other Powers

High Alcohol Tolerance

He can drink more alcohol than Aki Hayakawa and Himeno. Drinking this alcohol makes him stronger and will deal a lot of damage to his target.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

As said before, Makima is the strongest devil, she can defeat Pochita alone without anyone's help.

High Intelligence

Makima is shown to be someone who is very intelligent and very manipulative even when not using her devil powers.

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That's the information about his strength. So, what about this antagonist character?

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