Facts You Need to Know About Sukuna


Ryomen Sukuna is a hot topic of discussion among fans Jujutsu Kaisen the past few weeks. This is because the king made a curse Gojo Satoru dies in the manga.

The fact that Sukuna managed to kill Gojo automatically makes him the strongest character in Jujutsu Kaisen at the moment.

It is very difficult to imagine who will be able to beat him later.

Before guessing various scenarios to kill him, let's first look at the following facts about Sukuna!

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Origin of the Name Sukuna

History of Sukuna. Source: IMDb

Long before the current era, a thousand years ago Sukuna was a human and was once a Jujutsu wizard. 

In his golden age, he was considered the strongest wizard and made other wizards afraid to deal with him.

Due to a problem in the past, he turned into a criminal. 

To be resurrected again, sir king This curse also changed him into the form of 20 fingers. And these 20 fingers then became the Highest Level Cursed Objects in the world.

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20 Fingers for Generator

20 Fingers for Generator. Source: UHD Wallpapers

Sukuna's 20 fingers became the way to make him live again. His body was cremated with the aim that no one could use the corpse for crime. 

However, the results of the cremation only left 20 fingers undestroyed. Satoru Gojo once tried to destroy the 20 fingers, but he was unsuccessful.

In fact, one day Itadori Yuji ate the finger and made Sukuna's spirit partially rise in his body.

Ryomen Sukuna's True Form

Ryomen Sukuna's True Form. Source: DeviantArt

At the beginning of the anime or manga, the curse king's form looks like Itadori Yuji, but what makes them different is the tattoo on their face. This happened because Itadori Yuji was the place where he lost.

However, in the third chapter of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, it is revealed that Sukuna's true form is a figure who has 4 arms and 2 faces.

And in his fight against Gojo Satoru, Sukuna was said by the fans has a facial resemblance to Itadori Yuji.

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Has an Attraction to Megumi 

Megumi Fushiguro. Source: lacienciadecafe

The curse king's interest in Megumi has been shown since the beginning of the first season of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime.

What makes Megumi interesting is her very special Ten Shadows ability. Apart from that, Megumi also has the potential to summon Mahoraga.

These two things made the cursed king change bodies to Megumi later in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

Always Give Respect to Every Enemy He Faces

Play. Source: Jujutsu Kaisen Wiki – Fandom

Even though Sukuna is a villain in Jujutsu Kaisen, he still has a good side, namely he really respects his enemy's strength.

There are many incidents that show him praising his enemy's strength, for example when he praised Jogo's strength when the two of them fought.

And most recently, when he managed to kill Gojo Satoru, he said that he was a fighter who could make him enjoy fighting.

However, this was not achieved when fighting Itadori Yuji. I don't know for what reason, but Yuji was underestimated when he tried to fight with him.

Can't Control Yuji's Body

Yuji and Sukuna
Yuji and Sukuna. Source: FandomWire

At the beginning of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, we are shown when Yuji eats Sukuna's finger so that his body becomes the container for the cursed king. After eating the finger, Yuji's body was taken over and defeated the curse that appeared.

But a few days later, Yuji took over his body again. This was of course surprising for the curse king, because usually if a human ate his finger, his body would be taken over.

This made Sukuna quite upset and his self-esteem was tarnished, because he couldn't control the boy's body.

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So, those are some facts about the king of curses, Sukuna.

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