Dragon's Dogma 2, the Latest RPG Game from Capcom Released Today!

Dragons Dogma 2

Dragons Dogma 2, the latest RPG game released Capcom is grabbing the world's attention. The reason is, the game, which has just been published today in several regions of the world, has a ton of unique open worlds, and is filled with various types of monsters to conquer.

After success with Resident Evil 4 Remake, as well as games Monster Hunter which is able to reach the big screen, finally the high ambitions of Capcom's idealism can be channeled with this game.

Even though they have had quite a long time to develop DD2 or Dragons Dogma 2, there are still many players who complain about the many bugs nestled in the gameplay.

Want to know what it's like? On this occasion, the author will discuss in detail the game Dragons Dogma 2. When is the release date, tips and tricks for playing, down to the PC specifications you will need to play it.

Without further ado, read this article carefully so you don't miss any information. Gas!

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Get to know Dragons Dogma 2

Killing Dragons - Dragons Dogma 2
Killing Dragons. (Source: Gaming Bolt/Google)

In DD2, the main character we have chosen is called Arisen. He is a person with high skills whose heart was ripped out by dragons, and according to legend, his life focused on returning the kingdom of Vermund, and its heart, to its rightful hands.

Apart from character selection, and your understanding of RPG games must be high, the adventure in this sequel to Dragon's Dogma also requires patience.

The reason is, Capcom, the developer who published DD2, deliberately made an open world RPG game with the same level of difficulty as the original world.

So, when you play, Vicigers will encounter things that are "well, how come it's the same as the real world, huh", like fruit that can rot if it has been sitting in your inventory for too long, as well as wounds you get in battle, which won't immediately heal after receiving treatment. There will be a process of becoming a scar, before it completely recovers as before.

Still the same as other RPG game series, DD2 also has various classes and companions called Pawns. Later, you can have a maximum of 3 Pawns, which you can buy at the shop, or recruit them directly when you meet them in nature.

These classes are called Vocations. There are many classes that you can choose according to your playing style. Among them are Archer, Fighter, Mage and Thief, which you can choose directly from the start of the game.

However, there are several classes that you have to unlock manually, by carrying out several special missions. Like Sorcerer, Warrior, Mystic Spearhand, Trickster, Magic Archer, and also Warfarer.

Dragons Dogma 2 Release Date

DD2 release date
DD2 release date. (Source: Capcom/Google)

For those who are still wondering about the release date for Dragons Dogma 2, you can see it directly in the image that the author has embedded above.

Released from the Capcom website, server regions in Europe, America and beyond, you can enjoy this game on March 21 2024.

Meanwhile, Russia, Asia and Australia can start playing starting today, or, more precisely, March 22 2024.

Tips and Tricks for Playing

Dragon Fury
Dragon Fury. (Source: Game Rant/Google)

Before playing it, read first, some tips that the author will give.

Make sure you choose the right combination of Arisen and Pawn. For example, if you choose Arisen with the Mage type which incidentally has long range attacks, choose Pawn with the Fighter type, so they can cover each other.

Apart from the shop, there are special tricks for recruiting Pawns. Visit your nearest Riftstones. Riftstones are chunks of rock that are bright blue in color, with ancient writing on them.

You can also control Pawn by accessing the menu via the D-pad and several numbers on the keyboard.

Never attack high-level monsters alone. Griffins, Goblins, or Dragons, must be fought simultaneously. recruit a party that suits your playing style.

PC specifications

Sphinx. (Source: Windows Central/Google)

Reporting from Steam, these are the PC specifications that can run the Dragons Dogma 2 game well.

Minimum Specifications (1080p 30fps)

OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)/Windows 11 (64 bit)

Processors: Intel Core i5 10600 / AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Memories: 16GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT with 8GB VRAM

Graphics (Ray-Tracing): NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti / AMD Radeon RX 6800

DirectX: Version 12

Networks: Broadband Internet connection


Recommended Specifications (2160i 30fps)

OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)/Windows 11 (64 bit)

Processors: Intel Core i7-10700 / AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

Memories: 16GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 / AMD Radeon RX 6700

Graphics (Ray-Tracing): NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti / AMD Radeon RX 6800

DirectX: Version 12

Networks: Broadband Internet connection

However, you can also play it on mainstream consoles, such as PS and Xbox.

That's it, some things you should know, as well as facts about the game Dragons Dogma 2.

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