The Painful Alpha Build Item in Mobile Legends 2022, Win Streak!

Alpha Counter Items

All players Mobile Legends definitely want to get a win streak in classic matches. For you Alpha users, you can listen to this page to find out which Alpha build items are sickest in 2022.

In Bang Bang's Mobile Legends, Alpha is a very strong Fighter/Offlaner type hero with a good set of Crowd Control, Blink, and AoE.

Her newly transformed mostly deals physical damage to enemies and with her new charging ability she can start the fight otherwise she can dash to a safe distance. 

With the Flicker+Ultimate combination and the right Alpha build item, he is very durable in the mid and late stages, so he can easily finish off the squishy hero in 1v2 situations. He is easy to play champion type. 

In this guide, we will discuss the sickest Alpha build item in Mobile Legends. Now without further ado, let's jump right into the MLBB battlefield with him.

MLBB's Painful Alpha Build Items

All Vicigers friends have to do is follow the enemy's choices and then decide which Alpha build hurts on the battlefield.

Try to focus on items that give Physical damage, Tenacity, and Physical Spellvamp. Here we can see the build contains 2/3 attack items which will strengthen the main damage output of this fighter hero.

Warrior Boots Or Tough Boots

Alpha builds

The Alpha build hurts like Warrior Boots or Tough Boots according to the enemy's pick. Bloodlust Ax will give him +70 physical attack and +10 percent CD Reduction which will greatly increase his passive.

This depends on the enemy hero, if the enemy is mostly heroes who deal Physical Damage, you can use Warrior Boots. Conversely, if the enemy heroes mostly deal Magical Damage, you can choose Tough Boots.

Blade of Despair

Alpha builds

The next hurting Alpha build item is Blade of Despair which can be built as a second core item or you can build War Ax to get +55 physical attack, + 10 percent CD reduction, and its unique passive will help it increase its physical penetration. Where BoD will provide +160 physical attack, +5 percent movement speed. 

Queen's Wings

Alpha builds

Side by side Queen's Wings will give him a spell vamp, +10 percent CDR plus +900HP. 

Athena's Shield

Alpha builds

In certain scenarios if the enemy takes too much hero magic damage then build Oracle, which will provide +42 Magic Resistance, +850HP, and will increase the regen effect. You can also use Athena's Shield.


Alpha builds

The last ill Alpha build item is Immortality, which will give him an extra life. With Immortality, you can turn it into a Brute force breastplate if needed, as it will give you physical defense and movement speed after performing basic attacks or skills.

This item will make your life chances bigger. By adding the attribute +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense.

Immortal Resurrect's unique passive 2.5 seconds after being eliminated and gains 15 percent HP and Shield which can absorb 220-1200 Damage. (Scales with hero level) Shield lasts 3 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 210 seconds.

Emblem Sets 

Assassin Emblem Set

Alpha builds

Because Alpha is a physical damage dealer with regen ability, you can use a Custom Assassin Emblem (use it if you play as a jungler) to get perfect results.

Agility can provide additional movement speed (+6 percent), Invasion will give him more physical penetration during battle, and Killing Spree will restore 15 percent of his HP after killing each hero, not only will it also provide a 20 percent movement speed increase for 5 next second. Or you can also use Talent High and Dry according to the situation. 

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Fighter Emblem Sets

Alpha builds

If you play Alpha on the Exp lane you can use this Custom Fighter Emblem. Courage will provide additional Physical attacks that will help to kill enemies easily.

Invasion will give him more Physical penetration which will help him to deal more damage to the defending enemies. Festival of Blood will give him 8 percent Spell vamp and every time he kills an enemy, this spell vamp increases by 1 percent (capped at 12 percent).

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So, that's just the information regarding the sickest Alpha build item in Mobile Legends 2022. You don't need to get too hung up on the build above, because it depends on the situation and conditions in the game in Land Of Dawn.

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